Reduce your game's latency

A network optimized for your game can be the difference between Rage and Ownage

Network performance is a question of life and death for online games. No matter how good the game is; poor network infrastructure can destroy the overall user experience. But a network optimized especially for your game can wow the players by letting them experience your game in its absolute, lag-free glory.

How we do that?

Our global network of nodes and sensors collects performance data for your games from all over the world and re-routes the data destined for your users via the shortest possible path

1. Be where the gamers are

With presence in more than 30 countries and major population centers, we are perfectly placed to serve your users in least possible time

2. Route their data intelligently

Our nodes around the world are connected via an intelligent overlay network that finds the fastest and most stable route to make sure your data flows along a short and steady path

3. Optimize continuously!

Our network is always on the lookout for best routes towards your servers. This ensures optimum experience every single time for anyone, anywhere in the world.

How would you benefit from Kill Ping?

Reduced latency means more opportunities - opportunity to delivery better gaming experiences, opportunity to tap into more markets and opportunity to make the existing customers happy!

Increased reach for your game

With Kill Ping behind your back, you get the liberty to enter more regions and attract more players with no additional cost

Resilience to changes in internet weather

Internet is unpredictable. Its performance keeps on changing but our algorithms will make sure your data is taking the shortest possible route

Increased engagament

Lower lag translates to better engagement and loyal users which in turn means more sales and better revenue

How to use this service?

Interested in using our service or just want to know more? just drop us a message and we will get in touch

Mailing Address: GZ Systems Ltd. 8th Floor, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark
15 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong (SAR).
Email Address: [email protected]