30 Oct, 2018

WOW Player Reaches Level 120 By Just Picking Flowers

The World of Warcraft pacifist is currently in the spotlight for reaching max level in World of Warcraft’s latest patch, Battle for Azeroth.

Going by the name Doubleagent, the WoW player is a pacifist in the game. When the game was first released back in August 13, players took just a week to reach the cap. For Doubleagent however, it was approximately 77 days of playtime to reach there.

Doubleagent has earned himself a celebrity status in the game as unlike well known raiders and PVP stars, Doubleagent has earned a level without harming anyone in the game.

He earned all his experience by harvesting flowers and ores in the Wandering Isle that we probably leave once we are level 10. Another reason why he has been able to do that is because Pandarens are the only race in the game that get to choose their side if they want to play as Alliance or Horde. For Doubleagent, he never chose a side and stayed neutral.

Doubleagent rose to prominence when Mists of Pandaria was released and the player reached Level 90 for the first time. Now three expansions later, Doubleagent has once again done the unthinkable by maxing his character level on Battle for Azeroth.

The first time he reached level 90, Doubleagent had almost 175 days of playtime. This accumulates to 4200 hours of just flowerpicking. With the release of BFA, he had to do only 10 levels which he did in another 244 hours of playtime.

If you are interested to see the time when he reached Level 120 picking flowers here is a video below with various other players surrounding him as he does this.

Huge respect to Doubleagent for doing something so hard and time taking in a game that can can on your nerves even if playing it in a normal way. Tell us what you think of this pacifist run to Level 120 as a neutral panda.

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WOW Player Reaches Level 120 By Just Picking Flowers

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