10 Nov, 2014

WOW – Garrison

WoW Garrison

The dream of gamers who want to lead their own guild in World of Warcraft is finally true. With the newly launched Warlords of Draenor, players can now create their own guild based over the original inspiration of Blizzard’s famous game Warcraft.


Players have a chance to take their garrison as a guild of their own recruiting followers as they move around in Draenor. These followers can eventually be set to different tasks that they will do for the players and can also be assigned to various raids/ dungeons to gather experience, gold and items for the player.


The inclusion of garrison in Warlords of Draenor is tending to create a world within a world for gamers. They now have personal choice within WOW on their objectives and how they want to build up their garrison. Gathering of resources, items has been made easier for players through follower missions and players can now focus more on building up their characters rather than mining in the valleys of Draenor.

Increasing levels of garrison also lead to more garrison options that create a story-line for the players which include various quests and tasks that players can complete to gain different achievements.




WOW – Garrison

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