20 Jan, 2015

Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

LoL Worlds 2015

Creating a memorable event in the history of League of Legends held in Singapore and Korea, the latest LoL news comes with the announcement of Worlds 2015 that will be held in Europe. The announcement was made just before the seasonal launch of LoL LCS. Last year’s LoL champions Samsung Galaxy White will be defending their title for the year of 2015 with many contenders waiting to get a grasp on the title and huge first place prize that it offers.

As of 2014’s LoL stream which was available at twitch.tv, Worlds 2015 would also be broadcast live through LoL stream’s official broadcast channel Riot Games at Twitch.

Fans from around the world are anxiously waiting for Worlds 2015 held in Europe to watch the best LoL teams head to head to win the most glorious event of the year. European LoL esports has been since the very start of the groundbreaking title of League of legends. LoL EU has been given significance to this extent due to the fact that LoL EU has been home to some of the biggest tournaments such as Dream Hack, Intel Extreme masters and also the World championships of 2011. So according to the officials at LoL esports it would be a good idea to bring the World 2015 to a place that has played a huge part through its players, fans and support towards the community of LoL esports.

Now coming to the pattern of LoL Worlds 2015, it would be a transnational event with the group stage being held at a different venue and then quarterfinals and so on. The grand final of LoL Worlds 2015 is to be held in October 2015 with venue not yet known.

The main target of LoL esports is to bring the Worlds 2015 to the fan base in a manner that would allow the maximum excitement and experience  watching from anywhere in the world. Officials at LoL esports also share their thoughts on how Worlds 2014 was an event that was a fast and thrilling ride that allowed them to see what more they can bring to the professional scene and the community of LoL esports.

However, it is still early that officials at LoL esports provide any further details regarding the venues, format and the overall prize pool at Worlds 2015. All still hope for something that would take LoL esports to a further level both for the fans and the players.

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Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

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