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World of Warcraft

Players Spawn Rarest World Boss in WoW: Legion

September 8, 2016  |  by Spark

The pink bird which has been everybody’s desire in World of Warcraft has made players wander around in search of the beauty. World of Warcraft: Legion brought in a plethora of mounts that players can collect to show off. One, however, as mentioned above, the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph got more attention than any other. The mount

Easy Steps to Solve WoW Packet Loss and High Latency

September 7, 2016  |  by Spark

Among the issues that players have been facing, Legion players have reported WoW packet loss problems as well. Even before the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion, the pre-patch as well as the previous expansion Warlords of Draenor faced similar trouble in the past. Although we should put into consideration the recent DDoS attacks to

WoW Legion Q&A Live Stream on Twitch

September 7, 2016  |  by Spark

Got some questions to ask about World of Warcraft: Legion? Well, Blizzard’s got you covered with their announcement of a live stream for the game in 2 days. Friday, September 9 would be the day when Blizzard’s assistant game director Ion Hazzikostas would be answering all the Legion related question live on the game’s Twitch

WoW: Legion Players Reaches New Level Cap In Just Over Five Hours

August 31, 2016  |  by Faizy

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion is out and players have been sinking hours upon hours ever since its release. One of these players managed to take it up a notch and reached the new level cap in just a short amount of time. Recently, twitch streamer Fragnance managed to leave level 110 with his

[UPDATE] Battle.Net DDoSed Yet Again

August 23, 2016  |  by Spark

[UPDATE] It looks like Battle.Net servers have been DDoSed today (August 24) as well with all of the game servers and community forums down. The issue was acknowledged by Blizzard with the following tweet: We are currently investigating a new series of DDOS attacks against network providers, affecting latency/connections to our games/Bnet — Blizzard CS

A Short, Quick And Easy Guide To Fix Rubberbanding In Online Games

August 19, 2016  |  by Faizy

Rubberbanding in online games has been a major problem ever since we can remember. The problem has existed for many different players out there and while some of these problems exist along with other Lag, disconnections and high ping based problems as well, Rubberbanding alone has been a big problem in all online games across

Lag Spikes And Packet Loss Fix For PLDT Users

August 10, 2016  |  by Spark

As of recently PLDT users have been facing a lot of troubles playing online games through the ISP. Though, this is not something new the trouble has skyrocketed due to unknown reasons leaving behind frustrated gamers who literally don’t have anything as a solution. We covered a related post for Globe Telecom users in the

[UPDATE] Blizzard Servers Offline After A Massive DDoS Attack

August 3, 2016  |  by Faizy

[UPDATE] According to recent events, there is a possibility that these attacks have been carried out as an act of retaliation against the recent bans handed out by Blizzard for Overwatch. Word has been around that the ban was because some of the fans decided to take the fight back to Blizzard for banning them

WoW Demon Hunter Class Release in 10 Days

July 30, 2016  |  by Spark

The latest playable class of World of Warcraft, Demon Hunter was set to be a part of the latest expansion Legion. Now, with just a month till we get our hands on it, Blizzard has announced release of the much anticipated class a bit earlier. Demon Hunters would be available to play from August 9th