22 Mar, 2018

Weekly Event Modes And More Coming To PUBG

We have come a long way since the initial “Early Access” release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). From glitchy gameplay features and unfair shooting mechanics to a game which is now the best video game of 2018, the ride has surely been fun. Well, it seems we have a long way to go as the developers are adding one feature which we think, PUBG truly needs – Weekly Event Modes.

Bluehole Studios has already released a ton of content for PUBG which included new vehicles, brand new weapons and a number of optimizations and stability improvements. However, the developers are not done yet, as more features are set to come into the game very soon. Most importantly, the Weekly Event Modes.

According to the announcement, Event Modes is a periodically changing preset Custom Game where the developers will be trying new things and experimenting with different game parameters. Hence, using the new Event Mode, players will be able to have the same battle royale experience but with a little twist.

PUBG Event Modes

The first iteration of the upcoming Weekly Event Modes will feature a new Custom Game which will allow players to team up in squads of eight members.  Plus, rifle drops will be double. Furthermore, since the developers are currently testing out these new mechanics, Event Modes are limited to TPP on Erangel only. To learn more about this, check out the official announcement.

There is more coming into the game. The developers have yet to announce details regarding those features. Check out the image below. It looks to be a flare gun of a sort, but its actual use within the game is a complete mystery as of now.

PUBG flare gun

Some of who might say that Bluehole Studios is trying to copy Epic Games’ Fortnite with its upcoming Weekly Event Modes, as they already feature a similar mechanism. But we believe, it is not like that as Event Modes is a feature of the battle royale genre. So, it is only fair PUBG adds in such a feature.

pubg server lag


Weekly Event Modes And More Coming To PUBG

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