12 Mar, 2018

Virtus.Pro Have Won The PGL Bucharest Major And Here’s Why

Through the entirety of PGL Bucharest Dota 2 Major, we saw some of the biggest teams battling it out for the coveted prize and for some DPC points.

We covered the group stage for the event, and during this time, even the top teams crumbled against the new ones. All the big teams had to face off against each other in single-elimination matches to qualify for the finals.

Road to the Playoffs

Virtus.Pro’s run to the final was on the back of stellar performance right from the group stage. Out of the four matches, they only lost one to Optic Gaming in the first round.

Later, Virtus.Pro defeated LFY, Na`Vi, and TnC after convincing fights. Coming into the playoffs, the team’s first test was Optic Gaming – once again – but this time in a best-of-three matchup.

Not repeating mistakes of the past, the CIS squad was confident to take out the NA aggression and were successful in doing so. Without losing a single game, Virtus.Pro eased past their opponents in just 80 minutes to face Team Liquid in the semi-finals.

Semi Finals

For Virtus.Pro, this was their biggest test taking out the TI7 winners. The team’s latest addition, of Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan was, however, working wonders for the team and proved to be the crucial player against Team Liquid as well.

Although they lost one match to TL, VP’s support, and most importantly, RodjER’s gameplay was almost always on point.

In the final game, RodjER was once again on his signature Sand King on the back of six kills. And with a whopping 22 kills, Virtus.Pro dismantled Team Liquid with a 39-13 scoreline winning the game in only 35 minutes.

The Grand Finals

After taking out each of their three opponents, Virtus.Pro met VGJ in the best-of-five grand finals of PGL Bucharest Major. VP’s opponent had been unbeatable throughout the tournament. In the group stage, VGJ won 3-0 against Vici Gaming, Team Secret and TnC in the group stage was one of the most feared teams at the PGL Major.

The team’s run to the finals wasn’t easy as well, but still, VGJ managed to outrun TnC in the quarter-finals and Chinese powerhouse Newbee in the semi-finals.

Going into the grand finals, VGJ were well prepared to win the title for the Major event. Virtus.Pro, however, had other plans and never gave VGJ a chance to get a hold of themselves.

The longest game of the series between both teams was a 31-minute rundown in Game 3 after two games were completed under 30 minutes. And in all three games, RodjER’s Tusk, Naga Siren, and Earth Spirit surprised the opponents.

While every player of Virtus.Pro played a vital role in leading the team to the PGL Bucharest Major title; it is safe to say that they couldn’t have done it without RodjER. His move to Virtus.Pro is doing wonders for the team and further solidifies the team’s place for this year’s The International.

With the win, the team has already made a place for The International 2018 as per the DPC points scored. This means that they can now fully focus on the biggest task of the year overlooking all other events if they want to.


Virtus.Pro Have Won The PGL Bucharest Major And Here’s Why

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