30 Jan, 2018

Dota 2 News: Two New Heroes Coming This March?

A few days back, Valve accidentally released a couple of images hinting details regarding its upcoming project. The speculations on this leak suggested a new hero by the name of Mars is in the works. However, after doing some digging of our own, it seems we have been completely taken by surprise, as Valve might be working on not just one hero but two new ones that could make their debut in the game in March.

According to the leak, Valve is working on a new hero by the name of Mars. The images indicate the character will equip a spear as its primary weapon and will feature a spell called “Phalanx Cancel.”  However, when we went deeper into the leak, we came across a ton of new data about the new character which gave us a better insight of the upcoming character’s spell.

The new data refers to one of the character’s new spell which will feature a wall of spears of some kind. Now, this does link to the other leaks as the word “Phalanx” means either a bone of the finger or toe or a body of troops or police officers standing or moving in close formation. And since the latter seems more appropriate, we think the new hero will feature a spell which will allow him to spawn a wall of soldiers. Something very similar to the Dark Seer’s Ultimate.

Furthermore, the spell “Phalanx Cancel” suggests that the spell with be togglable. This means players will have the options of turning it off and on, something very similar to Timbersaw’s Chakram. Plus, since in Greek history, Phalanx was a defensive formation, we believe the new hero’s upcoming ability will follow suit. It will be one of the more defensive ability.

The data files mention a third ability called “Mars Spear Wall.” However, we think this could be the data name for the actual spell which would be called Phalanx. Now, this characteristic would activate the ability while the other one, Phalanx Cancel, would be used shut it off. But, since these are just speculations, we can say nothing for sure.

That is all for the ability section of the new hero but we have more, a lot more to talk about as images hinting at the character’s avatar might have come to light as well. A few months back, one of the artists for Valve’s Dota 2 left, after which he uploaded his portfolio online for all to see. In it, he included some interesting conception art images which at the time did not mean anything.

However, with this new Mars leak, it seems some of those images might be the key to what the new hero will look like. According to the portfolio, there are images which could possibly be Mars. This included an image which features a character similar to Axe but much slimmer and features a spear instead of an ax. Check out the image below:

(Courtesy: Drew Wolf ART)

This image seems to be the most appropriate pick for the character as it refers to almost all of the leaks. Furthermore, with the Dueling Fates, we came across a number of all-new voice lines for the two heroes, Pandolier and Dark Willow. Now, these included some interesting phrases but there are a couple which somewhat mentions both of the upcoming characters.

According to one of Dark Willow’s phrases, there was a battle between the Red Mist Horde (Axe) and the Bronze Legion (Legion Commander). Though not much about the battle is revealed, but this could hint at the new hero as Mars looks to be a mix of both these heroes.

Maybe, Mars could be a Hybrid who was born in the middle of the battle or was a Red Mist warrior who got impressed by the ways of the Bronze Legion. You never know. With the leaked conceptual art image, it seems the slender Axe with the Spear might just be Mars. If you wish to learn more about the Secrets of the Dueling Fates, check out SirActionSlacks’s most recent Loregasm video.

Now let’s move onto the actual name of the Mars. After doing some digging, we now believe Mars is not the upcoming character’s name. Just like Valve did with Silph who later on was revealed to be Dark Willow, we think Mars is just a code name. Or a hint, if you want it to be as Mars translates to March in both, French and Norwegian.

Plus, the word Mars is also the name of the God of War in the ancient Roman religion. This seems quite appropriate with the theme of the character as the spells it said to feature are based on Roman military tactics.

Furthermore, if this wasn’t interesting enough, most of the God’s festivals were held in March. So, it is safe to say we might be in for a special Dota 2 event in March which could introduce to us this brand new hero. But before you make any statements, remember this is all just a theory right now.

Now, let us dwell a little deeper. According to the all-new voice lines which were included in Dota 2 with the Dueling Fates update, there were voice lines for a character, Sorla Khan. Now, we believe since this character shares a lore with Axe and is also a female member of the Red Mist Army, she is Mars.

Her slender body, her relationship with Axe and being the new leader of the Red Mist Army which backs up her abilities like Phalanx and Phalanx Cancel, she matches the rumors perfectly. Plus, it would not be surprising if we see Sorla Khan in the new update as she already has a few heroes talking about her in their voice lines. But let’s wait and see what Valve has in store for us regarding Mars.

Now, let’s look at the other new her as we believe like Dueling Fates, the next update will also feature two new heroes and this second hero will be called Mazzie.  Now the reason for this is linked to one of Dark Willow’s voice line when confronting Clockwerk.

“You’re not friends with Mazzie, are you? I hate that little runt”

Furthermore, the same artist with the Mars concept art also features another image which includes an image of the character, Mazzie. This character seems to be tiny, just the voice line and seems to be sitting in a sort of Mech type robot which looks very similar to Clockwerk’s suit. So, the reason behind Dark Willow’s response is pretty reasonable.

(Courtesy: Drew Wolf ART)

However, this is all that we know about the second new character. We are sure that a new character whether it is just Mars or both, one of the two are being added into the Dota 2 with the new update. Hopefully, we will get to know more about the new heroes and the update when Valve makes an official announcement.

Till then, all we can do is wait. But in the meantime, comment below and let us know what do you think of the findings and the rumors, we have mentioned here. Do you think Mars is actually Sorla Khan, if yes, is this the hero, the community want next?


Dota 2 News: Two New Heroes Coming This March?

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