12 Jul, 2016

Top 5 Online War Games That You Must Try

Finding an online game that is worth your time and money spent is hard to find. In the world of today, there are many different games which you can play both online and offline but online games have been more popular of the two in recent times. Interestingly, a lot of online War Games have grown in popularity over the years and a lot of people now only play different War games online.

Top 5 Online War Games

We have compiled a list of the Top 5 online War Games that you must try if you have an itch to play War Games online. Let us have a look at the top 5 War Games that you must try.


Possibly one of the most popular war based online games out there, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been a sort of benchmark for all kinds of First Person Shooters out there. The game has not only been popular among players, it has been at the center of countless eSports tournaments and is still popular in the gaming community despite being released more than eight years ago. In particular, the concept of the game’s killstreaks has been something that has turned out to be a feature in many different games today and has been pretty well received by all. Considering the overall popularity of the game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has made it to our Top War Games list.


Cited as the best of the Total War series by Creative Assembly so far, Total War: Warhammer is one of the most popular online Real-Time tactics based online War Game out there. The game has been particularly popular because it offers the gameplay of the Total War gameplay, featuring the factions from the popular Warhammer series from Games Workshop. The game focuses on turn-based combat with real-time tactical battles thrown in the mix as well. The same formula is used in online battles and players have come to praise the game’s setting and its immersive gameplay. Because of this, Total War: Warhammer is one of the most popular online War Games available for you right now.


World of Tanks is one of the popular free-to-play online War Game available to all right now and the game works on the popular “freemium” game model that has been very popular in recent times. This means that while the game is free-to-play at heart, there are a couple of “premium” features that players can use after paying a fee. The issue of World of Tanks lag although remains an issue but then again the isn’t any problem that can’t be solved. As the name suggests, the game is based on tank combat and focuses on player vs. player gameplay with each of them controlling a tank which can be selected from a variety of light, medium, heavy tanks, tank destroyer and a self-propelled gun. The game has been widely popular among the internet audience and has received several different versions for consoles and mobile platforms as well. If you are looking for good online War Games to play, you should give World of Tanks a go.

company of heroes

Possibly one of the most popular online War game to go down in the history books, Company of Heroes has received widespread popularity despite being released back in 2006. The game has undergone changes and overhauls because of THQ being shut down along with the game’s online servers after which the game was transferred to Relic Online, developer Relic Entertainment’s proprietary online matchmaking system. After Relic Online was shut down recently and now the game is playable online via the popular Steam platform. The game follows the regular Real-time strategy game format with its own World War II twist which is both fun and immersive in both the game’s single player and multiplayer modes. The game has won multiple game of the year awards for the best strategy game and is definitely a part of our top online war games list.


Last but not the least, we have Battlefield 4. The game, which was developed by Electronic Arts’ DICE studio, has been met with impressive reception worldwide, particularly because of the game’s multiplayer mode. While the game did not have an impressive single player story campaign, which was riddled with bugs and glitches along with a not-so-impressive storyline, the game’s multiplayer mode has been popular for its massive 64-player game servers, graphics and overall level of competition. The game has managed to sell more than 25 million copies to date and is still widely played by many hardcore first person shooter and online war game fans out there. If you are looking for a complete online war game experience with both vehicular and gun based online combat, Battlefield 4 is one of the must play online war games out there.

So there you have it. These are our top rated online war games. Do you have any online War games that you play and suggest? Let us know in the comments.


Top 5 Online War Games That You Must Try

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