20 Mar, 2018

Top 5 Richest Esports Players in the World

The world of esports has changed faster than we could have imagined. The overall growth of gaming industry with the inclusion of big names has made esports more than just a spare time hobby.

Today, we take a look at the top names of the gaming industry who have made a fortune out of doing what they love, and are absolutely brilliant at doing so. It’s time to sit back, relax and read about five of the richest esports players in the world; four of whom are surprisingly from the same team.

5. MinD_ContRoL

Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov started off his career as a professional Dota 2 player almost four years ago. Unlike those who have been part of the scene since the DotA ages, Ivan is relatively a new player. However, this has not stopped Ivan from going places and achieving the ranks in Dota 2 that many others are still dreaming about.
His abilities as a player rose to fame during his time in a mix named 5Jungz which later led him to a place in Team Liquid. MinD_ContRoL has not looked back since. He has remained a vital part in the team’s success, most notably winning The International 2017 tournament.

During his time in Team Liquid, MinD_ContRoL gained several first-place finishes that filled up his piggy bag. However, the biggest achievement was the TI7, where Ivan’s team claimed the first place and racked up $ 10.5 million. Ivan’s cut plus his past earnings have soared up to $2.9 million making him the fifth richest online gamer today.

4. Matumbaman

Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen’s rise to prominence has been similar to that of MinD_ContRoL. Making his way into the professional scene Matu’s first stable roster came in the form of 5Jungz with whom Matu made way into Nanyang Dota 2 championships in 2015. Immediately after moving to Team Liquid, he started to show better results. With Team Liquid, Matumbaman’s first win came at the Dota 2 Champions League Season 6 where the team triumphed over Team Empire in the finals.

Team Liquid’s first attendance at a Major event saw them take a second place finish, losing to Team Secret in the finals. The first big prize money for Matu also followed as the team secured $400,000 in winnings. Things become stable for Matumbaman as he took the 2nd place at another Major event, winning more respect and Benjamins for himself.

Most recently, after a series of solid performances and first place finishes, Matumbaman went into The International 2017 with high hopes. Although a top place finish would have been more than satisfactory for even the top teams, fate aligned all the stars in favor of Matumbaman. Adding the aegis to his trophy board, Lasse also gathered the winning prize money of $2 million, taking his total prize money earnings to $ 2,907,227.

3. UNiVeRsE

Unlike the two players, mentioned above, Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora has been in the scene since the early ages of DotA. From being a substitute at The International and then going all the way to eventually winning it, UNiVeRsE can proudly carry the term “Been there, done that” with him. Playing alongside the legendary players, fear may be the most influential thing for the young Saahil who with his young blood and hunger for victory pretty much won everything in his path.

Heard about the million dollar echo slam? That was done by none other than UNiVeRsE himself alongside team captain Peter “ppd” Dager in the grand finals of The International 2015 winning the aegis and the $6 million prize money.

Apart from that UNiVeRsE has two 3rd place finishes at The International as well in the year 2014. These three and several other first place at tournaments throughout his career have made him one of the richest online player in the world. Currently, UNiVeRsE has a total prize money earning of $2,957,456.27

2. Miracle

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barqawi is the one reason why you see so many Shadow Fiend and Invoker in your pubs. Miracle’s story to success isn’t a long one. In fact, his journey – from entering professional esports to becoming the best mid player in the world – is probably shortest than any other.

Miracle entered the professional scene in 2015 by getting a chance at the European mix Balkan Bears. His stint over there, however, quickly ended and Miracle went back to playing in pubs. But unlike the thousands of Dota 2 players around the world, Miracle didn’t take even a single game lightly. Grinding his way to the leaderboard, Miracle became the first player in the world to become a 9K MMR player. This is when Johan “N0tail” Sundstein invited him to (Monkey) Business which later reformed as the legendary Team OG.

Miracle got his first taste of victory at his very first Valve event, The Frankfurt Major, where they defeated Team Secret in the finals and claimed the million dollar prize. History repeated and Miracle and Co. were once again in the finals of a Valve-sponsored event five months later only to snatch it this time from the hands of Team Liquid.

Miracle, however, joined the same team after a disappointing run at The International 2016 with OG. With Team Liquid, Miracle won a total of five titles including three premier events. At the recent, The International, Team Liquid was one of the strongest contenders to take hold of the aegis.

With huge thanks to the plays brought by Miracle himself, Team Liquid was able to claim the title and a whopping $10 million prize money. Summing up his winnings from two Valve Majors, several other premier events and the biggest of them all, The International – Miracle’s purse has really grown huge with a total prize earnings of $3,146,079.

1. KuroKy

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi is the oldest member in the list. From his early days in DotA to becoming a member of Na`Vi in 2013-14, KuroKy has maintained a stable position in the list of top players around the world. Fate saw Kuroky move from one team to another in search of finding the perfect team for himself. KuroKy’s first big win came he secured a 2nd place finish at The International 2013. From then on, KuroKy managed to get to the podium at various tournaments including Valve-sponsored Majors as well.

After being part of Puppey’s roster for two years, KuroKy came to the front seat after forming 5Jungz with fellow European players. After being picked up by Team Liquid, the luck favored him like never before. KuroKy’s stint at the recent The International 2017 was nothing short a spectacle of fairytale who after attending seven such events in a row, finally got one for himself.

The prize pool of $10 million was distributed evenly among the five players. Kuroky alongside his previous winnings was able to make a net worth of $3,567,039. And despite Team Liquid’s not so stellar performances Post-TI7, he still holds the title of the richest esports player in the world

Final Words

So this was the list of the top 5 richest esports players the world has to offer. Surprisingly, all players are from Dota 2 and the list goes on until the top 40. This is where we can find League of Legend’s number one player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Since the list is subject to winnings and tournament earnings you might see some new names in the near future.
This, however, also depends how well Valve sponsored Dota 2 events most importantly The International unfolds in the coming years. As for now, prize pools are getting bigger with every passing year and we most likely would see the lives of five other players also change for good at the end of The International 2018.


Top 5 Richest Esports Players in the World

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