23 Jul, 2018

Top 5 League of Legends Legendary Skins

Developers at Riot Games sure know how to keep their fans satisfied. From buffs and nerfs for popular champions to upgrades for collectible items, the developers of League of Legends seem to know just what game fans are expecting next.

LoL Legendary Skins

One interesting addition to the game is the concept of skins. From the most powerful champions to the fastest, most agile ones, every playable character has their own set of skins that you can choose from. These skins are categorized according to their price tag:

  • 390 RP
  • 520 RP
  • 750 RP
  • 975 RP
  • 1350 RP
  • 1820 RP (Legendary skins)
  • 3250 RP (Ultimate skins)

Legendary and Ultimate skins are very detailed and a lot of effort is put into developing them as they have their own unique sound and visual effects. With the rising popularity of LoL Legendary skins, we have decided to showcase the top 5 legendary skins in LoL. So, here are Top 5 LoL Legendary Skins:

1. Eternum Nocturne

When we talk about the best LoL legendary skins, Eternum Nocturne certainly earns a place among the top five. In stark contrast to his original avatar, Eternum Nocturne sports a full-body metallic armor complete with gauntlets that have giant blades sprouting out of them. The color scheme is also something that inspires intrigue and appeals to LoL fans. It is a mixture of lava red, black and silver, lending depth and character to this popular champion.

lol legendary skins

It is clear that the in-game visual effects of Eternum Nocturne have been given a lot of thoughtful planning and detailing. To complement the new avatar of the champion, the particles in Paranoia, Duskbringer, and Unspeakable Horror are now dark-red in color instead of the original black color.

Additionally, particles in Shroud of Darkness now change into a bigger and cleaner shield. The spell effects of Eternum Nocturne are somewhat similar to those featured in the Battlecast skin. And, this is exactly why Eternum Nocturne deserves a place in our top 5 LoL legendary skins.

2. Demonblade Tryndamere

Tryndamere is one of the most loved (and loathed) champions, depending on whether you are into the whole ‘badass’ thing. However, regardless of whether you like him as a champion, the legendary Demonblade Tryndamere skin will certainly leave you drooling. This is because this legendary skin does not simply complement the champion – it completes him!

league of legends legendary skins

Demonblade Tryndamere looks more badass in this new avatar as he wields a giant Demon Blade which looks strikingly similar to the Blade of Chaos from the popular game God of War. Every aspect of this legendary skin, from the spiked pauldrons on his shoulders to the demon-faced gauntlets, have are incredibly detailed and give new life to this champion.

The champion has also received a new voiceover to give him a menacing voice and even more menacing quotes. Thus, with the new Demonblade Tryndamere skin, you can strike terror into the hearts of your enemies – literally! Hence, it has earned a place in the top 5 LoL legendary skins.

3. Blood Lord Vladimir

Although he does not qualify as a vampire, Blood Lord Vladimir certainly carries the look well. In fact, he looks like any of the main protagonists form the Castlevania series – the flowing red cape, the sleek highly-detailed body armor, the jewel-studded breastplate, the gauntlets, the demon eyes, and the pale hair. All these combine to give the champion the look of a Dracula on steroids.

legendary skins lol

Blood Lord Vladimir also has his own unique voiceover and his voice is heavy and misty. The quotes have also been carefully designed to complement the champion’s abilities and his character. New animations have also been added to give the character a more powerful and rugged look compared to the original avatar of Vladimir.

Blood Lord Vladimir also gets new particles and animations for his attack moves. Despite looking like languid mists of smoke rather than streams of blood, the particles do the trick and complement the overall move set of the champion. This legendary skin is for those of you who have a bloodlust to match that of Blood Lord Vladimir himself. Thus, it goes to our top 5 legendary skins in League of Legends.

4. Gatekeeper Galio

Previously, the first thing that struck anyone about this champion was the sheer size or terrifying looks of this brutish monster. The Gatekeeper Galio skin redefines the champion as it sets him apart as an evil fiend from the fires of hell. With a massive wingspan, heavy body armor and clawed gauntlets to tear through his enemies, the Gatekeeper strikes terror into the hearts of his enemies.

legendary lol skins

The character has also received a new voiceover along with new quotes. The voiceovers are cleverly designed to give character to the champion and they do a good job of complimenting his new avatar. With his new look, this harbinger of death looks like the menacing reincarnation of the fiendish gatekeepers of hell.

5. Blackfrost Anivia

This legendary skin of Anivia gives the champion a very different look compared to its original avatar. The skin boasts a combination of dark ice detailing that is accentuated with polished metal to give the champion a darker more sinister look. The Blackfrost Anivia looks majestic and royal albeit with a subtle futuristic facet added into the skin.

all legendary skins lol

The darkened ice particles that were the trademark of the original Anivia avatar have not been modified. Nevertheless, they serve as a visual compliment to the Blackfrost skin and actually do quite well to accentuate the overall image of the legendary skin. This gives the champion a darker yet majestic look which fits well with the champion’s overall character.

Although the color selection for the ice could have been more tainted to give it a darker look, the champion still looks intensely cold-blooded and menacing in the new avatar. The downside of the Blackfrost Anivia skin is that it does not boast any new voiceovers or quotes. However, the skin is one of the most creatively designed and meticulously detailed skins we have come across. Hence, it lands a spot in our top 5 legendary skins in League.

Who’s your favorite?

There are just so many awesome skins worth a mention in League of Legends, and is why we couldn’t cover them all. If we have missed any legendary skin that strikes you as particularly appealing or epic, do let us know!

lol legendary skins


Top 5 League of Legends Legendary Skins
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