02 Nov, 2015

Top 10 Online FPS Games in 2015

After covering the recent Top 10 Online War Games for 2015, we decided it was time to cover some of the best Online FPS games out there that you might give a try. Though there might be some in the list you would have heard or played, there is a reason why these below mentioned games were added to the list and therefore are a must try for you before you die.

Enjoy the Top 10 online FPS game videos that will give you a glimpse of game play for each game that we have included on the list:

Firefall is an Online FPS game that greatly covers the aspects of dynamic events in a PvP based combat. Firefall has a great variety in its game play along with a wide range of mechanics that work together to provide a pure battle environment.

Get in your jetpack and fly across the battlefield while you rain down your enemies with heavy fire power. And that’s not the only thing Firefall is good at. In game XP can be used to level up your character and his skills. With multiple classes to choose from, you can select any desired role that fits your game play in this Online FPS.

The Online FPS also has a lot of focus to FPS shooting itself and when in game there is just nothing one would want more than to shoot the hell out of your enemies.

Though not first of its class, Hawken provides a Mech type Online FPS game experience to its players. While many might not put the game directly into this genre, apparently there is nothing else Hawken would fit into. The game has truly done a great job giving you the opportunity to control a Mech. While there are many other games of the same idea, they are not even close to what Hawken has in store for the players. Brace yourself as you strap to a giant metal body in the sci-fi battle environment. Contemporary to Online FPS games but something to be expected from Hawken is the unlimited ammo that you get for your Mech. It is however still unprotected to heat, so make sure you have regular intervals in between fights to cool down your Tommy gun.

Every point in Hawken is deeply crafted so that a player gets the true experience of the Mech piloting experience. With the way your panel lights up showing different specs of the game to the intensity of graphics, all make Hawken the best of its class in Online FPS games.

Either you can have light weight but fast mechs or sluggish literal tanks or anything ranging between the two, as your fighting choice. The customization and selections also give more room to the tactical aspect of the game and how you work around them. And even though each of the mechs has plus points of their own, all are balanced in a way that none seems to be overpowered.

To some Crossfire is an Online FPS game that is the enhanced version of Counter Strike 1.6. To a great extent it is true as Crossfire delivers its players the feel and game play of CS and at the same time giving the visual experience of a much more advanced game. Though you should not expect high class graphics from the game, the smoothness and mechanics of the game are what will force you to play it again and again. Select from different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, S&D, Elimination and Ghost mode; and many many others. Crossfire was a top selling game for the year 2014 and this certainly gives you another reason to play the over addictive Online FPS game.

Point Blank 2
Point blank2
After the original game Point Blank, its sequel came in with all things that were missing in the original one. With the developer’s intentions to create the most bad ass difficult gun game in the world, Point Blank 2 might be just what they were hoping for.

Point Blank 2 offers a great variety of game modes for an Online FPS. Graphics similar to the original game, Point Black gives players opportunities to do more with what one expects from an FPS. If you are in for some old school graphics but a game play smooth as velvet then Point Blank 2 is the game for you.

Tribes Ascend
Something that you can only found in Tribes Ascend is way you enjoy scoring a kill. Yes, you will have a smile on your face every time you make a frag in any Online FPS game. But the way it has been implemented in Tribes Ascend makes you think you literally earned a kill. Predicting you shot onto the enemy is a tough thing to do and once you master the techniques in Tribes Ascend the battleground starts feeling like home. With three classes to choose from, Tribes Ascend gives three classes with different perks and points of each. Having huge weaponry to play Tribes Ascend definitely is among the top Online FPS games.

Not much to say about the game when you know it’s by Crytek. The developers thought to creating their own version of Call of Duty and with Warface, they provided an Online FPS game that has been above many of its class.

When we talk about Warface’s similarity with COD we can observe how the game’s deathmatch resembles to its original game. Being made on Cry Engine, Warface will provide you the graphics of something that you would expect in popular games like battlefield or Crysis. However, Crytek knew what they were up to and made this an F2P Online FPS that you were looking for.

Planet Side 2
For some Planet Side 2 is possibly the best Online FPS out there. And that’s not because of the sci-fi battle experience or graphics that it provides to the players. It’s because of the kick ass mechanics and technologies applied to the game along with sick graphics and game play. Planet Side 2 is actually a benchmark of how Online FPS games should be.

Planet Side 2 is a Free to Play Online FPS game, but still you can spend your bucks on the in game transactions to give you the extra boost and benefits you desire. Another good thing in fact awesome thing about Planet Side 2 is the games ability that allows you be one of the thousands of players that are playing on the single server. At times you will probably feel like an ant in the storm when you would die before you could even know it but that’s what makes Planet Side 2 really addictive. The game forces you to strive and survive every time you enter the battlefield.

Titanfall definitely deserved the spot in the list of Online FPS games. A god among men, Titanfall is a game that has be the drug of many FPS players. This Online FPS certainly lives up to its hype and gives exactly what was expected from it. From the looks of it you might think of Titanfall as just another game with similar mentality of those FPS games. But whenever you get the first experience of Titanfall, it will hook on to you like a crab hooks onto your hand. For many their favorite multiplayer in this over addictive Online FPS is the last titan standing and I won’t tell you about it; so that you will be tempted to see it yourself.

Team Fortress 2
Well, who doesn’t know about TF2 is probably new to Online FPS games. This game has kept amusing players ever since it hit the market and we hope Valve keeps the game that way. Team Fortress 2 is probably the cheapest yet awesome game that one can wish for. Yes, we all know how much greedy Valve is we will still give the thumbs up to Valve for this game. Almost everything is accessible and similarly, you get the fun of just about everything the game offers. What started off as just another Online FPS has now grown to be much more than that? Having a community of millions there is definitely something very addictive about the game.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
The last surviving effort by Valve to keep Counter Strike 1.6 at its competitive edge has been a success with Counter Strike Global Offensive. The traditional terrorist and counter terrorist combat feels like food that is needed every day for you to survive. Though Counter Strike Global Offensive favors its traditional play style over any other thing, it certainly does it best. There are not any shenanigans in this Online FPS but the simplicity yet smoothness of the game has made it fan favorite of many. With improved graphics and game play, CS: GO is the best revival for the legendary status of Counter Strike. Counter Strike is among the pioneers in Online FPS games and therefore easily makes its way in the list.
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