25 Jun, 2018

TnC Predators have made it to The International 2018

At the end of the SEA qualifiers for The International 2018, we now have two winners in the form of Fnatic and TnC.

The road however, was not easy in any way as both teams were almost on the brink of making an exit from the event. The playoffs started with four teams after a total 8 faced off in the brutal group stage. TnC Pro team had a 6-1 scoreline and toped the group only losing to Battle Arena Elites.

From the looks of things, it seemed TnC would have a walk in the park in the playoffs. However, Fnatic had other plans as alongside Tnc Predator, Tigers, and Entity Gaming; they were the fourth team to make it to the playoffs.

Fnatic started off strong and without losing a game took out both TnC Predators and Tigers to be the first team to qualify for The International 2018 Main Event.

The second team to follow Fnatic to TI8 was to be decided via the lower bracket match-up. And it took more than just two games to decide which “Thundercat” was going to this yearโ€™s TI.

The first game of the series started very well for TnC Predators. The core Storm Spirit was getting out of control and it was looking to be a threat in the later stages of the game.

However at 25 minutes, a big mistake by Storm Spirit cost them a big deficit despite leading the score and networth throughout the game. Moments later, TnC Tigers used this to their advantage and on the back of a Roshan kill took three of TnC Pro Team’s core without a single hero loss.

With aegis on their side and all the necessary items, TnC Tigers pushed high ground and with a well timed Reverse Polarity from Magnus, the team cleaned up three of the cores and took 2 sets of racks without any problem.

A few minutes later, TnC Tigers went for the final set of racks and without many problems took the objectives with ease. TnC Predators were forced to tap out as coming out of Mega creeps seemed impossible.

The second game started really well for Predators as the lineup had comfortable heroes with the playmaking from a core Bloodseeker. Tigers however, seemed to be struggling as they were not able to lock down the heavily mobile heroes of TnC Predators. Fights seemed to break on an off with Predators having a slight advantage every time.

But with the gradual passage of time, Predators lineup got out of hand with no real answer from Tigers. They pushed high ground and with a timely retreat and well timed ultimates TnC Predators got the best of Tigers and around 45 minutes Tigers tapped out to take it to the final decider game.

The third game of the series was a go hard or go home situation for both teams. With comfortable picks on both squad it look as neither teams want to take any risks. However, Tigers got off a really good start and very quickly their core Phantom Lancer got out of hand despite their Death Prophet being heavily denied gold and creeps in the early game. With their backs against the wall, Predator tried to stall to the late game but the ticking time bomb of PL was always there.

With two lane of racks it was looking really grim for Predators as they were forced to be on defensive mode while Predators took all map control and farmed with ease.

TnC Tigers went for the final push at 42 minutes and on the back of some godly plays from their support, Predators were able to make a defense. Tigers tried to take Roshan immediately afterwards but a good song from Naga allowed them to secure the aegis, cheese and kill the much needed kill on Phantom Lancer.

With this Predators went for a high ground push of their own and claimed two sets of racks to even it up. After a delay, a big team fight broke near the 52 minute mark that went heavily in favor of Predators who took down Phantom Lancer once again.

After back and forth fights for the next 20 minutes, neither team was able to close it out. However, Predators finally were able to take the final lane of racks and claim mega creeps. From then on, it was Predators game for the taking as Tigers were able to hold from the heavy siege. Predators gave one last push and taking down heroes one at a time, Predators took the game and the slot for The International 2018.


TnC Predators have made it to The International 2018

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