25 May, 2016

The Warcraft Movie – First Impression

As the first trailer of the World of Warcraft movie came out, the internet went abuzz with a lot of excited discussions and hopeful speculations about the movie. However, as the release date of the movie draws near, the buzz seems to have died all of a sudden.

Many WoW fans were convinced that Director Duncan Jones would finally put an end to the age-old Hollywood curse of Bad Video Game Movies. Well, from how things are shaping up, Warcraft may yet turn out to be just another Bad Video Game movie.

On the good side, Warcraft boasts amazing CGI effects that try to recreate the magical world of Azeroth and the creatures that inhabit it. From the different factions that make up the game to their snazzy costumes, the director has proved that he has an incredible eye for detail and his efforts are certainly commendable.

Movie WoW

However, in spite of the level of detail in the movie, or the popular Hollywood actors that the movie boasts in the form of Toby Kebbell (Durotan) and Ben Foster (Medivh), it still falls dismally short of creating that impact. So, we can say that the movie is soulless.

Why? Well, to be brutally honest, Warcraft has very few redeeming qualities. The perofrmances of a majority of the lead actors are mediocre and soulless, the script is the most cliched piece of writing we have seen in ages, and the cinematography will end up confusing you right after it has managed to draw your attention. And in the end, you’ll just wear an expression that this guy is wearing..

Warcraft Movie

Another confusion in the movie is the language – the orcs and human are shown speaking the same language at first. Then, the movie introduces a rather clumsy and poorly-directed transition halfway through the film, showing the orcs speaking their own language.

Another fatal flaw in the movie is that it takes everything a bit too seriously and then portrays it the same. The game, on the other hand, is fun and engaging and strikes a beautiful balance between episodes of humor and epic. In fact, even when the game gets dark, it still retains a bit of humor to sort of lighten the mood and intensity of the moment. The film does not.


Another poor job that shows in the movie is the character development. The film starts with several short scenes that introduce random characters of the game – Horde, Durotan, King Llane, Medivh, Garona.. and the list goes on and on. So, there are just too many characters and subplots with not as many reasons to care about any of them.

WoW Garona

In the end, the movie makes a half-hearted effort to engage the audience. It fails miserably at immersing them in the story by making them empathize with the characters. Thus, the movie gives the distinct impression that it doesn’t even care if the audience understands why Gul’dan and his orcs are invading the world of humans or why Garona fights so hard to bring peace to both worlds.

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The Warcraft Movie – First Impression
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