30 Jun, 2018

The Ultimate CS:GO Guide To Achieve Global Elite

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The road to achieving Global Elite is long and tough. Along the path, you will find many who claim to give you the perfect guide on how to achieve Global Elite but your efforts still keep going in vain and you are stuck in an unending dimension of “keep trying”. While many truly are helpful and will provide you with a guide to achieve Global Elite there is no accurate solution and you will have to prepare for several things that you might not have considered in the past.

So below we will be giving you a brief guide to achieving Global Elite. This will work as a procedural document that you would have to keep in mind for a long time or until you have finally achieved your goal. Since getting Global Elite depends on various aspects, we would be giving you the key factors that are fundamental for your rise on the ladder.

CS:GO Guide To Achieve Global Elite

First thing first, it is essential to know the things you need to improve and those that are just not in your control. In order for the guide to achieve Global Elite to work for your benefit, the factors should be focused on individually and worked upon as well. So without beating the bush any further, we will jump into action.


In order to achieve Global Elite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, keep this one thing in your mind forever. Your efforts to learn must never stop. As soon as you start considering yourself the best you will stop learning and that will be the time you stop growing.

This is something that can help you achieve your goals in real life as well. Skills though come with experience and practice but if you aren’t doing any then you aren’t doing yourself any good. When playing CS:GO you will come across different situations and scenarios that are new to you and you will fail at them. But that is what will help you learn. Consider yourself in a 1v1 situation with the bomb down and you have only 30 seconds to get it planted. At first, you won’t even know what to do and you will most likely lose the aim battle.

Keeping your cool and learning what you did wrong will let you think much better and win in future scenarios. Think logically and don’t let your nerves get over. The best experience you will achieve would be through losing and that is what you will be doing a lot in the start.

Time Management

Achieving Global Elite can only be done through improving. However, if you are not giving it the right time you won’t improve a bit. Keep in mind what things do you lack and how do you plan to improve them. Mindlessly spamming enemies in pubs is NOT practice until you are actually putting the mind to get something from it.

Depending on how much you play every day, an hour or so is sufficient to hone your skills. But then again, how are you spending that one hour is important. Think of it as the gym. A guy is better off if he dedicates an hour at the gym rather than the guy who spends five hours doing nothing.

Implement this in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and you will know what we are talking about here. Take time out of the game to practice things that need improvement and your road to achieve Global Elite will get easier and easier.


No matter how good you are in CS:GO, if you don’t have a good aim then your dreams to achieve Global Elite will just be dreams. Aiming is like the base of everything in CS:GO but no one has ever been able to master yet. And while you give countless hours of practice to aiming, there will be times when you just won’t hit a headshot. Fear not as good and bad days of aiming are something even professional players suffer. This, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be practicing it. Aiming is the aspect that requires the most amount of practice and should be something you must do every day. We will further divide aiming into three aspects. If you want to achieve Global Elite then these need to be mastered individually.

Aim Placement

If you are keeping your aim at headshot level then you have done most of the job. Try watching some pro players and how, where they place their crosshair when aiming and checking different spots around the map. Try imitating it on regular basis and this won’t be your concern in a few days of time. The picture below will more appropriately show where your crosshair placement should be.

aim placementt

When rifling, proper bursts are a fine line between Pro and Noobs. If you are doing it right you can take out multiple enemies in long-distance battles or you would rather end up in the “Spray and Pray” category. While burst goes up to 10 bullets, 2-3 are the best and more effective in mid to long range gunfights. To master this just start your own game and try memorizing the pattern and how intervals can help to maintain it.


Mostly used in mid to close encounters, good sprayers can down an entire team rush with proper control. To practice this first fire the entire magazine of the gun on an empty wall and observe the pattern. Now try controlling it by moving your mouse in the opposite direction, if bullets go left you to pull to the right and vice versa. Practice this for a while and start using it in pub game with the sole intention of killing every enemy through a spray. The same goes for burst practice as well and should be done in pubs too.


Practice Maps

There are a number of maps that let you practice different aspects of the game. Some really effective maps to do so are given below

  • Aim Botz
  • Recoil Master
  • Training_aim_csgo2_dark

csgo practice

Target 1000 kills per day before you actually hop on to competitive matchmaking. You should practice all the weapons that you deem necessary and all of this will only take 30-40 minutes of your time.

Flashbangs and Smokes

An integral part of competitive matchmaking and an integral part of the guide to achieve Global Elite. This is something that needs some research to be mastered and replays/ streams are your best friend to do that. You can practice it further on a custom map to get it perfect. So next time you might be in a critical situation you know where to smoke or flash. Here’s an example taken from NiP’s blog. To better understand the different csgo map and their locations, check out our CS:GO map callouts guide.



If you want to achieve Global Elite then this is something you should be doing a lot in upcoming times. Watch your own replays to known what happened in certain scenarios and how you reacted to it. This is something overlooked when it actually happens so a recap of it becomes quite helpful. This way you can think of more possibilities of what you could have done to handle the situation more effectively.

You should also start watching pro players in competitive matches to see how they react in a different situation. It becomes a lot effective if you watch players that play the same position as you do. This will allow you to do many things which you haven’t been doing in the past.

Stick To What You Know Best

CS:GO is a game where a single change, no matter how small, can have the greatest of effects. As a result, we would advise you to stick to you settings which include everything ranging from the in-game settings to the crosshair.

Experimenting in CS:GO is like missing your aim. So, start off CS:GO to the settings you are most comfortable with and then stick to them, no matter what happens. This also includes the gaming peripherals you are using. So, if you are used to a specific sort of mouse, or keyboard, it is highly recommended you stick to those. This is because frequently changing these can result in you to lose your aim which can cause you to lose quite a few matches early on.

Expect the Unexpected

Keeping true to the previous CS:GO pro tip, always remember to expect the unexpected, as when we tell you to play the game slowly, there is a chance the enemy player is doing the same thing. You never know when the enemy player pops up behind you. So, always be on the lookout and clear every single corner before making your move.

For a bonus CS:GO aiming tip, always pre-aim potential hiding spots as most of the times, you will find an enemy camping there. Pre-aiming can give you the slight edge you need to kill him first.

Watch Pro Players

The last of our CS:GO pro tip is all about professional players. By watching them play, you can learn to become a better player. CS:GO is a game where at every instance, you are learning newer things, whether it is a new nade spot or a bomb pant location. Therefore, to get better at the game, always be on the lookout for professional players.

CSGO pro tips

The combination of all of all these CS:GO competitive tips, will help you reach the rank you want. But remember, boosting to a rank which is way beyond your level isn’t really a good thing. So, start off slow and if and when you lose, don’t lose heart as losing will only make you stronger

Ending Words

While all the things described above are in your hands, lag remains the only problem players are unable to overcome. You can, however, seek assistance in this regards and go through a very helpful guide to reduce CS:GO lag.

We hope that your road to achieving Global Elite will get a lot easier after following the key points described above. If it even takes you a step closer towards your goal we will consider it a win for us. Those who are already at the highest rank and think the guide lacks some information they consider can better help players struggling to achieve Global Elite can drop their feedback in the comments below. If correct, we sure will consider adding it to the guide.

csgo lag


The Ultimate CS:GO Guide To Achieve Global Elite

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