08 Aug, 2016

[Dota 2 Update] The International 2016 Main Event: Day Three

Update – EG on Verge of Setting and Breaking Records


The biggest match for the day was undoubtedly the epic showdown between TI5 winners Evil Geniuses and the wild card Chinese hope in the form of EHOME. Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng who two years back leading the most dominant star-studded team of that time DK was unable to achieve his dream of winning TI. This year, making his way to the event via Wild Card qualifiers, Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng’s EHOME looked stronger than ever to bring back glory to China. With Chinese giants like LGD and Newbee already out of the tournament, great hopes lied in the skill/ experience mix of Ehome as their made their way into the upper bracket. The team’s biggest test however, was in the form of defending champions EG who although after a shaky run throughout the year, seem stronger than ever as the event unfolds.

A 2 Hour Marathon

Game One started with comfort picks on both sides expect for an unorthodox core Axe for old man fear. If was aggression or bust for EG that EHOME seemed to completely read and tried to put pressure from the very early stages of the game. Daryl ‘iceiceice’ Pei Xiang Koh played an integral part in battles and his impressive play allowed EHOME a five kill lead in less than ten minutes. Cashing on the momentum, EHOME went for an early Roshan claiming the aegis for themselves in the next three minutes. Having the lead and the domination, EHOME saw the opportunity of an high ground push onto EG’s base. Little did they know about the power of double initiations planned by EG who first caught EHOME’s squad with a brilliant Blink Call by Fear and managed to kill four of their heroes.

As the game transitioned, the power of Universe’s Chornospheres and Sumail’s Mirana started to make its mark as EG found several pickoffs around the map. Mirana was really starting to become a big trouble for the Chinese side as the damage output from Sumail was something they couldn’t stand. A dagon pick became a crucial part of EG’s strategy in the later stages of the game. Heroes died, barracks fell on both sides as both times failed to conclude the game. With another teamfight near the 70 minutes EHOME finally managed to get mega creeps by their side but at the cost of several buybacks. EG used buybacks of their own but timewiped EHOME in the process. With the Chinese sidelined for almost a minute and a Divine pick up on Faceless Void, EG finally went for the GG push and claimed a pretty intense and tiring game one for themselves.

The second game of the series saw EHOME pick something from EG’s playbook as this time around they secured a Mirana and Axe for themselves. Peter ‘ppd’ Dager had something else for a team fight oriented line up as they went for a three core lineup in the form of Drow, Medusa and Faceless Void. This time however, it was EG’s turn to cash on the momentum from past game and took an early lead against EHOME. Trying to find an opening of their own EHOME tried to gank Sumail’s Medusa but tragically lost four in the process. Stacking on the lead with good initiations from the side of EG, Game two was EG for the taking which they eventually did 35 minutes into the game. Having nothing to fight back the heavy artillery from the North American side, EHOME saw it coming and eventually tapped out.

With the win, EG have secured themselves atleast Third place at The International 2016 adn will face Wings in the upper bracket finals. Meanwhile, EHOME dropping to the lower bracket means they will have to fight their way through with the winner of TnC vs DC to claim a spot in the lower bracket finals where if EG loses to Wings, they will have a chance of redemption against the North American Squad.

In the lower bracket matchups, TnC has surprisingly sent OG home making it the biggest upset of the year all under the supervision of the Filipino squad’s NA reinforcement Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho.

Upsets are The International’s second name

Na’Vi Vs Team Liquid

Sad Day for Na’Vi fans as the clash of titans saw Team Liquid take out Dendi and Co. in a suicidal single elimination lower bracket match.

The toughest match, at least emotionally in the lower bracket series was between Team Liquid and Na’Vi both of whom had good chances of placing at least top four at The International 2016. While, only one would make its way past, the elimination of the other team was surely to make fans saddened.

Both teams played their heart out and in the early stages of the game Na’Vi seemed quite dominant over their counter parts as crucial rotations from Ivan ‘Artstyle’ Antonov secured Na’Vi kills all around the map. However, as time passed Team Liquid’s Bounty Hunter played his role and the track gold coming in from the hero allowed the team to stay in the game.

Things started to fell for Na’Vi as General’s Faceless Void Chrono attempt was countered by Naga Song and the result was disastrous for Na’Vi. Seeing the opportunity, Team Liquid pushed high ground and forced quite a few buybacks on Na’Vi’s side. In hopes of coming back Na’Vi attempted a sneaky Roshan with securing any objectives. This was however, read by Kuroky’s squad and seemed like a final nail in the coffin as Na’Vi was dismantled in the tracks. Na’Vi could see their fall coming and there wasn’t much to do. Minutes later the high ground attempt sealed the fate of the Ukrainian squad who after a good start will be going home only $100K richer.

LGD overpower Team Secret

The most intense game for The International 2016 would undoubtedly be the clash of Team Secret and LGD. Although, it seemed to be decided in almost 20 minutes, Team Secret put on a show of their lives as the defended their base for almost 40 minutes not giving up till the bitter end. Eventually, it just wasn’t enough and LGD’s 65 minute struggle came fruitful as they send Team Secret back home packing.

TnC vs VG.R

The third match of the lower bracket was TnC taking out VG.R. The filipino squad lead by Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho has already won the hearts of the SEA community and they seem to keep on surprising with superb gameplay and awesome drafts. Their match against VR.R wasn’t any different and an unorthodox Silencer pick by Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho proved its worth as VG.R couldn’t find their momentum while TnC’s Terrorblade wrecked havoc all around.

With the win, TnC has made themselves 300K richer, but the road’s toughest block is just ahead of them as the filipno squad will be taking on the worst nightmare in the form of the Green Team.

Meanwhile, in the upper bracket matchup, OG’s take on MVP turned out surprisingly in favor of the Koreans who outplayed the tournament favorites in a 2-1 fashion. The match between DC and Wings was also quite interesting which Wings eventually took in their favor after a pub style Techies-Pudge pick that saw them lose a game against DC.

Group Stage Recap

The Group Stages are over and a combination of upsets and expectations were observed at the end. But, each and every moment of the game between teams was some high class Dota 2 you shouldn’t have missed.

Tournament favorites OG ended the group stage with a top place followed by TI5 winners Evil Geniuses. As for group B, the wild card winners EHOME outplayed every other they played against going on a 12-2 score line. The next on the list in Group B was Digital Chaos who lit by vengeance ended with a second place finish.

The ugly side of the group namely the lower bracket found pretty known teams in the pool as Na’Vi, Team Secret and Liquid failed to make their mark in their matches and ended up finding themselves in the suicidal Best of One.

Probably, Team Secret is in the worst of its time as they lost four consecutive matches and now their fate rests against their lower bracket matchup with LGD. This, as well as Na’Vi’s lower bracket match against Liquid will be the toughest and saddest of all since at the end of the day two good teams will be going home.

LGD’s poor performance can be considered due to the team playing with a standin. Team Secret on the other hand seem to be struggling to find their chemistry that resulted in poor performances in the group stage. However, the most unexpected ones to be in the lower bracket are Na’Vi and Team Liquid one of whom will be ending their run at The International 2016 tonight. Na’Vi came in hot for TI6 seeing their recent win at Starladder Series defeating Team Secret in the finals with a 3-1 score. Team Liquid whereas, has been one of the most consistent teams in the past year and seeming them in the lower bracket is truly heart breaking.

If you missed some good Dota then watch the highlights below are relive the moments of awesomeness that happened in the Group Stage of The International 2016.

Day Two

The second Day at The International 2016 started with probably the biggest upset of the event. On the start of the Group stages and concluding the first day, Team Secret was looking pretty strong as they took out VG.R and settled for a draw against SEA powerhouse MVP. However, Day two has been nothing less than worst for Team Secret as they crumbled in all of their matches not even taking a single game against their opponents.

Fnatic had a bad start in the first day of the series and couldn’t seem to find the glow in their game to secure an upper bracket placing. However, even losing all of their matches, Fnatic’s encounter against Team Secret went in their favor and allowed them a clean sweep 2-0 against Puppey and Co. Sitting at a 2-8 score, Fnatic’s lower bracket placing in eminent but still the team will have some hope with them know they atleast defeated one of the top contenders for The International 2016.

The wild card entry Ehome seems to be on point in all of their matchups as they comfortably sit at the top with a 9-1 scorecard. Following them is the NA/EU mix of Digital Chaos who has 2-0ed Team Secret and Chinese favorites Newbee along the way.

Group A

The clear winners till have undoubtedly been EG who currently stand with an 8-2 score. Coming second are none other than tournament favorites OG who already drew three of their matches, still secured a satisfying 7-3 score. The rest of the group however, kinda rest in the same place as Wings , Alliance, TnC, Na’Vi and LGD gather 6,5,4 points in two days. The worst place goes to Escape Gaming who has only secured a single game out of 10 and will obviously be placed in the lower bracket. The Filipino hope is still alive as Demon has managed to maintain his team on par with the best in the world and currently ties with Alliance after a score of 5-5. Their remaining matchups are against OG and Escape and mostly likely TnC will be able to clinch victory against Escape Gaming solidifying their place in the upper bracket. Na’Vi although were among the favorites to secure an upper bracket finish have a tough road ahead as they will take on Wings Gaming and OG on the final day for the Group Stage.

Some key highlight moments in Group A are as follows;

Day One

Day one for The International 2016 is over and both groups showed a bloodbath of performances as all teams gave it their all to secure a seed in the upper bracket. While, there were some obvious results to be expected, the day folded in the contrary with some of the most anticipated teams bite the dust in the opening day.

Group A

The first group for the event boasted the likes of OG, EG, LGD and Wings along with Alliance, Na’Vi, TnC and Escape. The biggest upset probably was a bad start for the Ukrainian powerhouse Na’Vi who recently with a Starladder title under their belt seemed to be with all the confidence going their way. However, their opponents had other plans in mind and Na’Vi after a 1-1 scoreline with Synderen’s Escape Gaming was 2-0ed by EG and later draw their series with TnC as well. OG, EG and LGD ended their day with a fairly good score resting with a 4-2 scoreline only dropping one game out of six. TnC on the other hand are trying to get their grove as they sit with a 3-3 score however, making the biggest upset after defeating Wings Gaming in a clear 2-0 fashion. The worst end of the deal seemed to be for Escape Gaming who although managed to clinch a one game victory against Na’Vi lost all their remaining games and now place last in the group with a 1-5 score.

Group B

The second group which was quite evenly matched surprisingly saw Newbee, Secret, DC and Ehome all claiming 3-1 scores while MVP and Liquid settling for equal wins and losses. The biggest upset in Group B was in the form of VG.R and Fnatic both of whom failing to claim even a single victory against their opponents.

With half of the group stage already over Escape, VG.R and Fnatic don’t seem to have a comeback chance as even if the win all of their remaining matches. Tough competition would be observed among Alliance, Wings, TnC, Na’Vi, MVP and Liquid who still have a chance to claim a spot in the upper bracket by defeating their upcoming opponents.

Stay tuned for more to come at Dota 2 The International 2016.



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