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How to Fix League of Legends Lag

March 2, 2019  |  by Faizy

If you have a good internet and are still suffering from League of Legends lag then here is a detailed guide to help you solve the problems once and for all. League of Legends is one of the most popular online games of the current generation, with active players in the hundreds of thousands, if


LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage: Day 4 Highlights

October 13, 2018  |  by Spark

Three days at the LoL Worlds 2018 are behind us and each new day just gets better and better. Some teams have now solidified their spot in the playoffs while some are just almost there. If in case you have missed the spectacular plays and match ups from today then you are at the right


League Of Legends Guide: How To Play With LoL Supports

October 3, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

Are Lol supports important? The simple answer to this common question is “Yes”. When playing League of Legends, you may assume many different roles to lead your team to the threshold of victory. Of course, each of these roles is integral to your game strategy and collectively contribute towards scoring a victory against the enemy.


League Of Legends Patch 8.17 Is Here With Nunu & Willump

August 29, 2018  |  by Dani

Riot Games is here with a brand new patch for League of Legends which not only introduces some pretty major changes like character nerfs and buffs but also features in a brand new hero. Nunu and his four-armed buddy, Willump, are now available to play in the game. So, while you wait for the patch


Top 5 League of Legends Legendary Skins

July 23, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

Developers at Riot Games sure know how to keep their fans satisfied. From buffs and nerfs for popular champions to upgrades for collectible items, the developers of League of Legends seem to know just what game fans are expecting next. LoL Legendary Skins One interesting addition to the game is the concept of skins. From


League of Legends Patch 8.2 Releases Today; Downtime Revealed

January 24, 2018  |  by Dani

Keeping with the schedule, Riot Games is back with yet another update for its massively popular MOBA, League of Legends (LoL). The developers are introducing in a number of new features and changes. This includes a brand new hero, balance updates and a ton of all-new skins. League of Legends Patch 8.2 According to the


Riot Games Slaps Suspension On Vasilii Over Violent Act

October 27, 2017  |  by Dani

Update: More bad news for Vasilii emerges as Riot Games slaps suspension for his recent incident involving acts of domestic abuse. According to Riot Games, such violent behavior goes against the nature of the community. As a result, such acts will not be tolerated. There is no place for physical violence in the League of Legends


League of Legends Showdown 1v1/2v2 Mode Announced

September 28, 2017  |  by Dani

League of Legends fans, we have an exciting news for you. Riot Games has just announced details regarding its upcoming Showdown mode. This all-new game mode will feature both, one-on-one and two-on-two, with a specially designed map for the both modes. So, if you have been waiting for a mode-specific map to 1v1 your friend,


Introducing League Of Legends Shurikens!

September 21, 2017  |  by Faizy

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