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CS:GO Update Introduces More Changes To Panorama

July 19, 2018  |  by Dani

Ever since the initial announcement regarding the forthcoming release of a brand new UI called Panorama for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the developers have been constantly working on adding newer and newer content to the game. As a result, a new update has just gone live, bringing forth some pretty major changes to CS:GO and its


The Ultimate CS:GO Guide To Achieve Global Elite

June 30, 2018  |  by Spark

The road to achieving Global Elite is long and tough. Along the path, you will find many who claim to give you the perfect guide on how to achieve Global Elite but your efforts still keep going in vain and you are stuck in an unending dimension of “keep trying”. While many truly are helpful


The Best Solution To CS:GO Rubber Banding Is Here

June 25, 2018  |  by Faizy

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been very popular among the gaming community. The game stands as one of the best first-person shooters to date but despite being very popular out there, there are many users who have been experiencing CS:GO lag for no reason and have been experiencing issues related to Lag, High Ping and Disconnections


China Lights Up To Welcome CS:GO; Spectrum Case 2 Released

September 15, 2017  |  by Dani

Over the past few months, speculations were in the air that Valve’s biggest FPS title, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is set to finally make its way into the world’s biggest gaming community, China. It has now been official. Valve, though Perfect World, has just released CS:GO For China, completing the game’s worldwide coverage. The


Team Dignitas Win Epicenter: Moscow With A Prize of $250,000

October 24, 2016  |  by Faizy

It looks like Team Dignitas has managed to secure the first place at the grand final of Epicenter: Moscow and have secured the title of champions. With a successful run in most of the event, Team Dignitas managed to take out one of the most experienced professional teams out there in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,


A General Guide To Help You Fix CS: GO Lag With Good Ping

August 17, 2016  |  by Faizy

Counter Strike Global Offensive has been a very popular game in the long standing franchise but has been prone to CS: GO Lag ever since its release. Valve has been working with Internet Service Providers around the world to fix this problem of CS: GO Lag, Disconnections and high Pings. What is CS: GO Lag


Counter Strike Global Offensive Player Gets Banned By ESL Mid-Match

August 10, 2016  |  by Faizy

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been the unfortunate victim of cheating players in the past as well and a recent development has brought the name of the game under negative light as well, thanks to another cheating player. According to recent reports, during a game at the ESL Premiership, Joseph “Joee” Leigh, who is a


Team SoloMid Drops Overwatch Roster Over Past Allegations

August 9, 2016  |  by Faizy

It looks like the popular eSports group, Team SoloMid has dropped their recently acquired Overwatch sqaud, which was known as Code7. The squad has now been transferred to CompLexity Gaming. The news came to light through a recent announcement on the official website for Team SoloMid where it was mentioned that the decision was made


ELEAGUE Season One Gathered 19 Million Viewers

August 2, 2016  |  by Spark

There’s nothing like the comfort of watching your favorite game live on TV. Surely, there are things like Twitch and Live Streams on your computer that gives you the same amount of experience, but the feel of watching it live on TV sitting on your favorite couch is unmatchable. The ELEAGUE Season 1 Champions: @TeamVirtuspro!