14 May, 2017

Sombra Hacked Pachimari Plush Now Available

If Pachimari plush wasn’t your cup of tea, then here’s the Sombra Hacked Pachimari Plush, a perfect collectible for any Overwatch fan.

With the over growing popularity of the Pachimari plush, we thought of mixing things up a bit. After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of relating it to someone who loves to hack just about anything.

Sombra, the hero who can hack and sabotage just about anything in Overwatch, has now turned herself towards cute little plush. The Sombra hacked Pachimari plush gives Sombra’s statement “Everything can be hacked… and everyone” more credibility.

So just when you thought the Mexican hacker can only hack computers and electronic devices, we give you the Sombra hacked Pachimari.

Sombra Hacked Pachimari

Unlike the Pachimari or the Ganymede who had a certain role in Overwatch, the Hacked Pachimari is still looking for its epic story. However, a bit of theory crafting doesn’t harm anyone, so we came up with our own Hacked Pachimari story.

While everyone was busy with their own lives after the Omnic crisis, Sombra spent much of her time hacking and using secret information for her own good. Sombra – due to her prowess – can hack into almost anything and exploit it at her will.

One good day, however, Sombra was just too bored hacking and sabotaging government officials and military databases. During this boredom, Sombra tried to come up with something new; something that could bring joy to her lonely life. Sombra could see the Pachimari as a potential candidate for her friendship and after putting her efforts into enticing the plush she finally succeeded in hacking it, giving us the Sombra Hacked Pachimari plush.

The Sombra Pachimari is the perfect symbol and representation of Sombra’s abilities that allow her to sabotage just about anything. So if the cute and adorable plush wasn’t your thing, then here is the new and improved version suited just for you.

And just like how the hackability works for Sombra, the new Sombra Pachimari also has something more for the allies. Unlike the regular plush, the hacked version comes with a total of six tentacles, and its face showing the Sombra logo making us aware this was something Sombra messed with.

If the Pachimari was too mainstream for you, then we have the perfect answer to your needs with this Hacked Pachimari plush. And don’t you worry about its quality as we’ve got that covered too. The Sombra Pachimari measures 20cm in size, and to make it just comfy for you, the plush is developed with 100% cotton fabric.

So if long gaming sessions have been too tiring for you, and you are in need for having something to cuddle with, then this Hacked Plush is definitely a thing for you to have.

If you like the Sombra hacked Pachimari then you are going to love what more we have in store for you. Lo and behold the latest Pachimari addition to the Kill Ping Online Store the D.Va Pachimari Plush. Since we all love D.Va so dearly in the game, what better would one want if he’s getting a plush toy for his favorite character in the game.

Get the exclusive Sombra Pachimari plush now and own an extremely rare plush for yourself that you can show off to others. And especially for you, the Sombra Pachimari is available at a whopping 65% discount at Kill Ping Online Store.

If any of you was having a dubious thought that the hacked Pachimari might be too expensive for you, that problem has also been solved. So get the rare Sombra Pachimari at only US$9.99 instead of US$27.99 and add something really cool and rare to your Overwatch collection now.


Sombra Hacked Pachimari Plush Now Available

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