13 Jul, 2015

League of Legends Guide to Solve LoL Lag

One just cannot take his eyes away when it comes to the problems of League of Legends lag. Every now and then, there are players who complaint about League of Legends lag being so frustrated with it some have even quit playing the game. Some has gone to extreme measures in hopes of solving the problem by getting the best gaming rig they could afford and an internet connection that even an entire neighborhood could rely on. However, all has turned awry for them as LoL lag just doesn’t seem to disappear.

League of Legends has been the best and most popular game in the world for quite some time now. Being the most played game in the world has also brought some issues related to the game which make the players suffer the most.
League of Legends high ping is the most common problem that a lol player can think of. Out of the millions of league players every day, the probability of the players that face league of legends lag is 25%.

With so many players having troubles of lol lag, Riot themselves have thought to do something about it. Currently, Riots games are planning to create their own network for gaming in order to overcome the problems of lol lag. Being in talks with many ISPs around the world, Riot’s focus is to create a network in collaboration with many main ISPs that will ensure the best possible connection to all players that are facing lol lag.

According to Riot

“We are currently working with ISPs and developing the same internet backbone throughout Europe”.

However, till the time that it’s done there are still a lot of frustrated lol players that just don’t know what to do when it comes to league of legends lag.

To avoid lol lag crucify you every time you connect to a game server, we have gathered some steps that would prove as a guiding light in your journey to reduce lol lag.

Below are some aspects of lol lag often faced by players.

Connection between League of Legends and your computer
League of legends is a game in which the client (you) and the game server (lol server) make a connection between each other for game data to travel. So whenever you are playing a game in league of legends, the performance of the game greatly depends on the stability of the connection between your computer and the game server. League of legends being a client server model makes it important to have a better connection with the game server since that is also the hub on which your connection to other players depend. So basically a bad connection with the game server means League of Legends High Ping and that you would be a reason of nuisance for other players on the match as well.

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Types of LOL lag

Movement Delay
League of legends high ping happens if the connection between the computer and the game server is slow or congested. This decreases the transfer rate of game data between the two and you experience in game lag and delay

LoL lag happens if the connection between your computer and game server drops for unknown reason an in game everything appears to freeze. This is typically called League of Legends Lag with good ping and fps and whenever the connection is restored, you find you character mostly dead. The reason behind this is when the server disconnection happens, to you everything freezes, but for other players on the server, you are nothing but AFK, a perfect one to kill. This does not lead to League of Legends High Ping but it certainly a case of LoL lag


Anything that you see in league of legends matches is a sort of data being sent back and forth. Since all types of data travel in the same mechanisms, other programs, or apps that require an internet connection to work would be increasing lol lag.

System Requirements

First off, check if you are meeting the official system requirements for the game. Not meeting the system requirements often results in League of legends Lag and you should see if you meet them in order to run League of Legends without lag. The official system requirements for the game are listed below:

lol requirements

Closing background downloads
You might have a good internet connection but that certainly does not mean it gives you the liberty to play league of legends lag free without any troubles. Whenever something is being download, the computer itself allocated the entire bandwidth of your connection to that particular connection. This in turn gives nothing to your game and you would end up having lol lag like hell.

Exit all background applications that might consume you bandwidth and close all downloads in the back. Do remember to force shut torrents if you use any.

Switch from wireless to wired internet
Getting a wired connection is a must if you consider yourself a hardcore gamer and do not want to experience lol lag.

Getting a Dedicated Network
If you are done with the things mentioned above and are not experiencing a major change in lol lag, then probably it is time for you to go pro. Having a dedicated network for gaming makes sure you get the best connection between your computer and lol game server. Kill Ping can create wonders in this regards by providing a secure connection between you and the lol game server.


Kill Ping through its dedicated routing paths can reduce lol lag upto 60%. The dedicated routing allow a separate path for game data to travel that removes any traffic congestion of data and provides a smooth gaming experience in league of legends.


You can try solving league of legends lag with Kill Ping and witness lol lag free without problems of delays, ping spikes or disconnect sessions. Download Kill Ping For Free Now!

Reduce all your LOL Lag Problems with Kill Ping
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League of Legends Guide to Solve LoL Lag

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