21 Mar, 2018

Sea of Thieves Release – A “Not-So-Smooth” One

Ever since Microsoft and Rare came out with the initial announcement regarding the release of its upcoming exclusive action adventure game, Sea of Thieves, the game has gained quite a lot of traction in the world of video games. So much so, that people have started to refer it as one of the most hyped games of the current generation. However, now that Sea of Thieves has released, it seems the developers are unable to handle the game’s massive demand which has led to a myriad of server issues.

Sea of Thieves Launch Issues

The action-adeventure title by Rare Studios was set to release in 2017, but it was later delayed until March 20, 2018, due to some undeniable issues with the game’s development. Sea of Thieves is now available for both The Xbox One and the PC. Unfortunately, the game’s launch has not been a smooth one, as many players are experiencing quite a lot of server-side and other lag related issues within the game. Check out some of these complaints from the community members down below:

The server-side issues go hand in hand with the Sea of Thieves since the game’s first beta release. However, since the game was in its beta stages at the time, it was understandable why the players were coming across such issues. But now that the game has officially released, why do these issues still persist? That’s a big question.

Sea of Thieves Hype: Too Much to Handle

Well, it seems the culprit here is the game’s popularity. The overly-hyped demand led millions of players to log in right after the release, and this is why, the majority of them came across issue linked to server delays, lag, and other similar problems.

Furthermore, players are coming across “Beard” messages which are the developers’ point of view on categorizing the different errors and issues within the game. To learn more about the different types of “Beard” errors in the game, check out the list below:

Sea of Thieves Beard Errors

  • Kiwi Beard Error: This is one of the more common errors in the game caused by server-side issues
  • Cinnamon Beard Error: This error occurs when your PC is unable to connect to the game’s servers
  • Bronze Beard Error: Like the Cinnamon Beard Error, this is linked to the game not being connected to the servers
  • Avocado Beard Error: This error occurs when players don’t have an active Xbox Live Gold subscriptions
  • Alabaster Beard Error: This occurs when players lose connection to the online services while playing Sea of Thieves
  • Almond Beard Error: Similar to Alabaster Beard Error
  • Cyan Beard Error: Similar to Alabaster Beard Error
  • Beige Beard Error: This error is specific for only the PC version of the game and occurs when the game client is out of date
  • Daffodil Beard Error: According to the official website, this error arises when there is a problem on the developers’ end
  • Fluffy Beard Error: This error pops up when the servers for the game have gone offline
  • Lapis Beard Error: This error is linked to incompatible firewall or antivirus settings
  • Lazy Beard Error: Like the name, these errors show up due to lack of activity within the game which causes you to get kicked out of the servers

What are the Developers Doing?

These are just some of the issues explained by the developers which are affecting players in Sea of Thieves right now. However, before the community goes on to complain about the game’s poor state, we would like to say that such issues were to be expected. The fact is that the developers are leaving no stone unturned to get these issues solved at the earliest.

Apart from the initial Day One patch, the developers have constantly been releasing and fixing the numerous issues that the players are experiencing within Sea of Thieves. Before you rage out on the developers for the game’s not-so-smooth release, we would insist that you give them a little more time to cope up with the game’s massive demand.

Fixes Coming Soon

Our the technical team is working on a comprehensive fix guide for you which will feature fixes and workarounds for almost all of Sea of Thieves’ issues and bugs. Stay tuned for that as we are here to make your gaming experience, the best it can be. Till then, comment below and let us know details regarding the issues you are coming across in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of thieves lag


Sea of Thieves Release – A “Not-So-Smooth” One

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