18 Mar, 2019

Guide to Remove High Ping Spikes from Dota 2

Update: With the focus of keeping the article up to date with the latest issues, we have added a few new points that will help you solve Dota 2 high ping spikes in a better manner.

High ping spikes in Dota 2 are a pain in the butt if you are one of the unlucky gamers facing the trouble. There can be many reasons behind its cause and therefore proper scrutiny of each one of them is important if you are willing and eager to solve it ASAP. So today, we at Kill Ping would be bringing you a step by step go through on how you can solve your Dota 2 ping spikes for good.

Dota 2 Ping Spikes Fix

Disk Defragmentation

While many tell you to perform this operation for better computer performance, they don’t however; enlighten you on how it actually works. Consider the game takes over 30 boxes of space in the hard drive. The way it is installed, your computer puts all the boxes randomly in your hard drive.

With the passage of time, your hard drive is filled with more files/ games/ software whatever there is on your computer. However, with Disk Defragmentation, all the 30 boxes of Dota 2 will be compiled at a particular location making it easy for the computer to perform tasks related to the game. This while does not directly relate to solving ping spikes, however, will help Dota 2 to work run much smoother.

We do believe you are not new to this and will probably know how to perform the task, however, in case you don’t follow the simple steps below;

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Right click on the Drive where Dota 2 is available
  3. Open Properties
  4. Click on the Tools tab and select Defragment Now
  5. Select the Drive and Click the appropriate button

Please note that depending on the size of the drive the process may take 2 to 5 hours to complete. So better if you do this when you go to sleep or have some good options on how you would be spending the next couple of hours.

Deleting Crash Dump Files

Dota 2 Crashes a lot, and ping spikes can be a reason. However, we are not talking about game crashes over here, hopefully, will do in another guide. But, there is something you can do to clean up some space and make room for Dota 2 to run more efficiently. Every time the game crashes, it creates a dump file in the Dota 2 folder. Each file can be more than 40MB in space and can take up a lot of your hard drive. Delete all of the files named having “.mdmp” extension in the following location;

C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/dota2beta

Game Crash Files
People generally install their games in the default C Drive. We do not advise you to that and in turn, recommend you to install all of your games on drives other than C Drive and leave it only for Windows.

Dealing With Antivirus

Antivirus though are good and help secure your computer from threats and attacks, are, however, also a problem for online gamers. This is because Antivirus keeps on running no matter what you are doing. Even when playing Dota 2 you would have to bear with your Antivirus running in the background. To make sure this does not cause ping spikes in Dota 2, turn of/ disable your Antivirus while playing.

In case you think it’s too risky for you, we recommend you to install Antivirus that has a gaming mode feature. This allows the antivirus to run on the lowest settings making an almost negligible effect on your computer’s performance. The best option we can recommend you is Avast Antivirus.

Graphic Settings

Not everyone has a GTX 980 installed on their computer. If you are one of those money bags then this step is not for you. However, if you are among the thousands of Dota 2 players that play the game on a medium end PC then setting the optimal video settings is a must. The general rule of thumb in this aspect is to always prioritize game performance over game graphics.

Firstly you must use the most appropriate resolution for the game. Dota 2 ping spikes in many cases can be due to your resolution being too high for your computer to handle. Below is a picture for you to set the resolution and rendering of Dota 2. Note that Rendering is set to Fastest which means the removal of all the visuals that do not have an impact on the game.

You can also see that each bar automatically ticks the options shown below. Set the bar according to what you think your computer can handle.
Dota 2 Graphic Settings

For further details on how you can avoid Dota 2 lag, head on over to our lag fix guide for more details and workarounds.

Kill Ping: The Last Resort

The points above were based over issues on the user end, if done right will help you in reducing Dota 2 ping spikes. However, if you have done all the things mentioned above and still having solved the problem then the problem is most probably on the network side. Below is an example of what Ping Spikes actually look like.

Dota 2 high ping spikes
As evident from the picture, the sudden rise of response time is what results in ping spikes in Dota 2. This generally happens if there is too much load over the ISP or the route game data is taking towards the game server. Luckily in this regards, Kill Ping can greatly reduce Dota 2 ping spikes and enhance your overall game experience. The way Kill Ping works is a bit difficult to summarize, however, simplifying the mechanism, Kill Ping reroutes the game data through its own dedicated channel from its strategically place servers around the globe.

This way, the game data that generally faces congestion through a normal route is redirected from a much clear and open path. Furthermore, the number of hops that game data takes from a computer to the game server is also reduced. This happens because Kill Ping forces it to take the path that creates the least distance.
dota 2 kill ping

Final Words

So in case you are done with trying out all the steps described above and still are having Dota 2 ping spikes than we strongly recommend you to try Kill Ping. Almost all of Kill Ping users who faced Dota 2 ping spikes in the past are now free from the misery and experience a smooth game they could only dream of. Try it out for yourself and see the difference.

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think of our Dota 2 ping guide. If you are still coming across ping or lag related issues in Dota 2, then let us know the details down below, we will do our best to bring you a personalized fix soon.
Dota 2 ping fix


Guide to Remove High Ping Spikes from Dota 2

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