20 May, 2015

Effective Ways to Know and Reduce Your Ping

Reduce your ping

Ping! What is this Madness?

Ping that is the short form for Packet Internet groper is through which computers are able to check whether a network is capable enough to transfer data. Ping is mainly used to verify if network data packets can be send to any network address without any error.

Below is the example of how ping works when used to check status of a network


The request of ping is send to the desired network / computer and it replies back with response. The round trip time that ping takes is referred as the average response time or latency time between the two parties.

In case of ping to a network where it is unable to reach its destination, the problems can be seen as a configuration error in the network of the path being blocked. Due to this, the ping can be seen as a time out error or no packets received

How to Ping?

Based over the average level of gamers almost all must have the idea of how to ping. However, those gamers who are new or you don’t know how to do so worry not as everyone has a starting point and yours is here.
• Go to the command line or ms-dos prompt.
• Ping any network that you desire. For instance…

Ping -t

You can even ping your default gateway to check the connection between your computer and ISP provider.
You will be able to see something that has been shown in above image

Why is Ping so important in online gaming?

Well, the answer to it is quite simple than many think. Ping is able to check the status of connection between the computer and network. In terms of online gaming, the packets are being sent to game servers that your computer is connected to. Now, the response time that ping takes to send and receive a packet determines how well your game will performance in terms of online experience. For example, if a person who is playing an online multiplayer game has a response time of 250 ms, it means that it would take 1/4th of a second for the to communicate and receive data from the game server. In High paced online multiplayer games where gamers are at the edge of the seats, a response time of 250ms is huge as in online gaming this is a delay of 250ms. This is often called as high ping lag or delay. Higher response times means more delay between the gamer and the game server

Dota2 (1)

Feel Like Playing?

Negligible results and better online gaming experience that is dependant over the type of game that is being played, a response time of anything below 150ms is good.

Now if you, an online multiplayer gamer are having response times above 250ms than don’t worry. These response times are also based over the traffic and server load, along with a choke point that your ISP may be facing.

How to Overcome Ping issues in Online gaming?

A very simple solution that can overcome your response time issues is redirecting game data through a channel dedicated for it. Gaming networks such as Kill Ping allow assistance is this regards. In normal scenarios your game data is forwarded along with thousands, maybe millions of other data over the internet where it moves through different routing paths to reach its destination. With a private gaming network the game data travels through channels that are dedicated for it making less routing paths between the computer and a game server. This allows servers to forward data in more convenient manners reducing the response times from game servers.

Dedicated routing paths can greatly reduce response time and high ping issues in online gaming. This is exactly what Kill Ping does which gives you the path to kick ass online gaming experience.

Get Kill Ping now and wave goodbye to your shitty laggy games for good


Effective Ways to Know and Reduce Your Ping

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