22 Nov, 2018

PUBG Weapons Guide: The Best For Getting A Chicken Dinner

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) getting massively popular, with each passing day, I thought this is the perfect time to bring the readers with a comprehensive PUBG weapons guide. Furthermore, since the developers are constantly updating the game, trying to figure out the perfect balance, I believe you need to know as the more recent updates have made some extensive changes to the weapons in the game.

PUBG weapons guide

If you wish to see which gun you should use to perfect your aim or are finding it difficult to choose between the weapons you come across looting, then read the best PUBG weapons guide.

PUBG Weapons Guide

But before you delve into the details of this particular guide, let me remind you that the stats of these weapons are likely to change in the future as balancing and optimizations don’t ever stop. But do not worry, as I will constantly be updating this guide, just as the developers update PUBG. If you wish to get updates on stats instantly, I will advise you to check out PUBG.ME.

Let’s get into the details of PUBG weapons guide. I have divided the stats for each of the best weapons in PUBG into six categories. This includes Damage, Range, Stability, Rate of Fire, Ammo Capacity, and Attachments, each having a maximum score of 5. The accumulative score in all of these will then be combined and then averaged to give you the PUBG weapons final rating (out of 5).

However, remember you might come across a pistol or a Sub Machine Gun (SMG) which has better stats than an airdrop item. This does not mean that the higher rating weapon is more powerful, as the ratings for these weapons are categorized according to their class. Hence, an SMG rank can only be matched with another SMG, and so goes for other PUBG weapon classes.

1. Pistols

PUBG Pistols

For an average player who does not have luck on his/her side, the first weapon one finds is a pistol. Meanwhile, the pistols are not bad, but the fact remains that the Pistols in PUBG are quite weak especially during the later stages of the game. However, getting your hands on a pistol just as you drop, is better than coming across a sickle or a machete. That is why I believe these sidearms deserve some credit for kick-starting the early game. If you wish to learn what the strongest or the best pistol is in the game, check out the stats below:

Rate of Fire43.53.5252
Ammo Capacity3.51.531.522
Total Score14121410.51412.5

2. Sub Machine Guns (SMG)


Though some might consider SMGs to be the underdogs in the PUBG weapons list, due to their low damage and range, I think this class plays a vital role in the game. I understand that Assault Rifles are also extremely good in close combat, but nothing beats an SMG when it comes to shooting from point-blank range. The increased rate of fire combined with the amazing stability, the SMGs are a beast. Check out the stats for your favorite SMG below:

Vector UMP Tommy Uzi VSS
Rate of Fire53.53.542
Ammo Capacity1.5352.51.5
Total Score19.516.516.51512.5

3. Assault Rifles

PUBG Rifle

Now for the crème de la crème of PUBG weapons, the Assault Rifles. These rifles feature some of the most sought-after weapons in the game. This is because they are not only the most useful weapons to have in the game (due to stability and range), but also deal quite a heavy amount of damage. Plus, equipping them with right kind of attachments, the Assault Rifles can be the perfect thing to win you a Chicken Dinner. Do you want to have the best Assault Rifle in the game? Check out the answer to that down below:

Scar-L M416 M16A4 AKM Groza Beryl Mk47
Rate of Fire444.53.5543
Ammo Capacity2.
Total Score202119192220.521

4. Shotguns

PUBG shotgun

Shotguns, the most useless of the PUBG weapons? Well, I don’t think so, as when it comes to clearing houses or killing of enemies from close ranges, there is nothing better to have in your inventory than a shotgun. Theis beast of a PUBG weapon class can scatter an enemy into bits with just one hit. But, when it comes to long range, shotguns are of no use. Why would one use a shotgun for long range in the first place? Which one of these close ranged shotguns are the best, let’s find out.

S1897 S686 S12k Sawed-Off
Rate of Fire2.5141
Ammo Capacity2.51.532
Total Score15.516.51912

5. Sniper Rifles

PUBG Sniper

With the close range and medium range already being taken care of by Shotguns and Assault Rifles, respectively, it is now time to shift our attention over to the kings of long range, the Sniper Rifles. These PUBG weapons are considered to be the most powerful of all the weapons due to their massive damage and range. Plus, with PUBG, a game that requires to keep distance and survive, the Sniper Rifles is the best option you can have for long range fights. Which one suits the best for you? Check out the PUBG weapon stats below:

Rate of Fire1.51.5243.54
Ammo Capacity1.51.522.52.52
Total Score17192221.519.521.5

6. Light Machine Guns


Light Machine Guns are exceptional PUBG weapons when it comes to dealing damage in an area or suppressing the enemy team, restricting their movement. However, since the only LMG is the M249, there is no point in comparing it to any other gun. In other words, the M249 is the best weapon in PUBG when it comes to Light Machine Guns.

M249 DP-28
Rate of Fire54
Ammo Capacity54
Total Score21.517

Final Words

This is it for the Best PUBG weapons guide. However, since the game is likely to get updated in the coming days, stay tuned as, I will surely update this particular guide. With more weapons coming in, you never know which weapon becomes essential during the course of your survival in PUBG. Till then enjoy the read, but also remember to check back when an update for the game surfaces.

For those of you who wish to improve their game and want to increase their chances of owning a Chicken Dinner, then head on over to our PUBG tips and tricks guide. Comment below and let me know what you think of this PUBG weapons guide. Which weapon out of the lot do you prefer the most?

pubg weapons guide


PUBG Weapons Guide: The Best For Getting A Chicken Dinner

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