28 Sep, 2018

PUBG Officially Launched On FACEIT

The day is finally here when PUBG comes to FACEIT. The announcement goes live after a short Beta period where the game was tested on the client.

Starting from today, PUBG has officially launched on the platform in three regions, NA, SA and Europe. And this has only been possible with both FACEIT and PUBG Corp. working together to make it happen.
Beta for PUBG on FACEIT started in the mid of August and a total of 200,000 players have signed up as we speak.
FACEIT’s CEO had the following to say in this regards:

“Whilst we anticipated high levels of success with the closed beta, we were blown away by the positive feedback and the number of sign-ups. The integration we developed with PUBG allows players to be in a match within seconds and we’re excited to welcome everyone on the platform to jump in and experience our competitive battleground. PUBG is continually proving its fierce potential as an esport, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that exciting journey by offering players unprecedented opportunities to develop their skills.”

This integration comes with a progression system that allow players to participate in leagues and level up as per their skill. Along the way, players get to earn FACEIT points that can be used to get in-game items for PUBG.

PUBG’s Head of Business Development added:

“The FACEIT integration offers our community a uniquely competitive framework to play PUBG at a level they haven’t experienced before. The closed beta proved the value of our partnership, and we can’t wait to watch the competitive scene develop further.”

This comes as a really big move for PUBG. The game has previously been taking baby steps towards the road of being a notable esports title. While there have been various events pushing the game’s competitive side something this big is the first of its kind for PUBG.

Having recently witnessed FACEIT’s CS:GO event FACEIT Major 2018, we can expect similar things to happen within the domain of PUBG as well. If you have been owning others in the game then it’s just about time for you to take it to the next level as now you have a chance to show your prowess on a professional competitive ladder.

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PUBG Officially Launched On FACEIT

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