14 Mar, 2018

PUBG Map Guide: All You Need to Know About Erangel

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) is a fun game to play. The default PUBG map Erangel is currently the biggest map that the game has to offer. Considering its massive area, players have a hard time exploring it. The map is covered with buildings, hiding spots, bushes, and trees, making it quite difficult to master.

This is why a PUBG map guide is important to show you the key aspects of the map that will give you an edge in the game. Today, we will give you a detailed overview of PUBG map and some useful tips on how you can master it.

PUBG Map – Basics

Erangel is the first map that people come across in PUBG. It is still hard to master. And while there are many players, still don’t know some of the very basic things that can help them be more effective in the game.

Here are some key points for beginners of the game.

• Each large square of the map represents 1 kilometer in the distance while the smaller squares represent 100 meters. The total land area of the map is 6 kilometers.

• While each and every detail of the map is visible, the underground bunkers are hidden and can be found in the sixth square from the left and forth from the bottom.

pubg map guide

• Each area has a different rate of weapon spawns, loots and vehicles. Many veteran players are aware of it and utilize it to the fullest. The new players, however, tend to look for loot in common places.

• Prioritizing high spawn areas is a must if you want to have good weapons that your need at crucial times.

• When falling, a player can glide around 1.5 kilometers in linear movements from the point you open the parachute.

• Dropping marks can greatly help players to coordinate to reach specific areas in the map.

PUBG Loot Map

Each and every aspect of the map cannot be catered separately. This is why a this PUBG map guide is here. Below we are showing you all the loot points, vehicles and boat spawn locations have been made. This is a better way for you to understand the map and learn about the locations where you can get the finest of loot. It is also beneficial in case you are feeling afraid to go to heavily populated areas and therefore can run to the next best location closest to where you land. Check out the map below:

pubg loot map

PUBG Map Start Locations

Every PUBG game starts with a different flight path. Thus, it is important to utilize the tools that you have and make smart decisions.

1. Military Base

The best loot in the map can be found around the military base. However, this also means that majority of players will try to move to this place as quickly as possible. If the area is under the flight path, then get ready for some heavy action as soon as you land your feet on the ground.
pubg map

A good way is to land a bit further from the base and then move towards the location on a vehicle and expect less crossfire.

2. Mylta Power

If the place is around the corner of your flight path then, this is the best location you can hope for. The place can cater the needs of the entire squad, but be sure to go there on a vehicle as you might find plenty of players already moving towards it.
mylta power

3. Small Mylta Power

Just next to the Mylta Power is a small plant with one main building. You can find some high-quality loot but in a less quantity. It’s better to go there alone, or with one other guy rather than raiding it with the entire squad.

4. Hospital and School

These places are among the most populated areas on the map. If you are going there, then expect to die within the first few minutes of the game if you are not skilled enough, or could not get hands on some good artillery. If it’s along the edge of the flight path, then these locations are always a good place to start from.
pubg map guide

5. Georgopol Crates

The crates that you can find on the south of the river, or on the mountains to the north, and the buildings nearby, offer some high-quality loot. If you can land there by plane, then expect some heavy early game combat. In case, you are close to the location; then your best chance would be to go there on a vehicle.
Georgopol Crates

6. Prison, Bunker, and Mansion

All the three places offer good loots enough for the entire squad. However, they are also heavily contested, so having a strategy at hand would prove vital.
pubg guide

7. Towns

Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk, Novoreponye, Lipovka, Severny, and Rozhok are good places but populated. Restaurants, cafes, and warehouses are a better choice – if you can sneak into them – as they offer a quick way to get good loot from.
pubg town

PUBG Map Landing Strategy

• Keep in mind the distance that you can travel after falling from the plane. This is important, because, you can calculate where you might land and how much population you might expect over there.

• Line up the wing of the plane with a marker to get a better idea of when to jump. Jump as soon as the marker is in line with the wing.

• To travel the maximum distance, look up directly and press W. This way, the player will dive forward rather than down.

• You can get a speed boost if you open your parachute at the maximum speed. To do this, you will have to press W and look down momentarily before opening up the parachute.

pubg landing guide

• Rather than focusing on the loot, going to areas with frequent vehicle spawns is a better idea. This way, you can use a vehicle and move to a loot-heavy location that is further away to keep you safe from early combat. You can always reach to the safe zone in time if you have a vehicle nearby.

• Using the bar above the minimap can help you in knowing how much time you have to loot. This shows how much time you have before the blue circle starts moving. Use it to your advantage and get as much loot as you can.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of this blog. These are the most important points that many new PUBG players miss out on. Following these PUBG tips and tricks can take you a long way in the game with ease. You have to trust your skills, as you will have enough loot to make it through the end.

Tell us what you think of the points and how many you didn’t know yourself. If it helps you in the early stages of PUBG, then do let us know. Stay tuned for another PUBG map, as we will come up with the next PUBG map guide for Miramar as well.

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PUBG Map Guide: All You Need to Know About Erangel

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