30 Aug, 2018

PUBG Miramar Map Guide – All You Need To Know

PUBG’s second map Miramar can really be tough for PUBG players if they are not aware of its entirety. While players are relatively friendly with the first map Erangel; Miramar map seems like a no man’s land to them. This is why today, we bring you a brief guide on how you can master PUBG’s second map Miramar, and what should be your do’s and don’ts for achieving the yummy Chicken Dinner.

Let us take a look at the aspects that you can focus on next time you are playing Miramar.

Miramar Map

Unlike Erangel, Miramar is much bigger. This is something that you should keep in mind as you have to mark your drop locations in accordance with how and where the remaining 99 players are dropping.

The plane’s route also plays an important role here. Unlike Erangel, you can’t reach your desired location if it is not close to your plane’s route. Therefore, it is most likely that players will drop in a linear path across the map and will make their way to the circle. This is why you should know certain key areas and set them as starting points each time you are hovering above Miramar.

As a general rule, it is important to know that larger towns and clustered buildings are where you will find the best of loot. Below we have mentioned such areas where you will likely get as much loot as you desire. But do note: just like you are greedy for the loot, other players will also be making their way to the location, so you will have to plan your moves accordingly.

Los Leones

This place is one of the most loot-rich areas across the map. Every weapon that is available in PUBG can be found here. And according to some stats, the circle is mostly formed closer to the town. So, in any case, you will be making way towards the location. It’s better to land here in the beginning and prepare yourself with the best gear, equipment, and weapons.

los leones miramar

Campo Militar

If getting geared up is your first priority whether you face death in the first few seconds of landing then the Campo Militar is the place where you should be. Similar to the other location, it houses all important things that you will want to gear up with. However, the problem with Campo Militar is that it is located at the far northeast side of the map, which means you will have a hard time reaching there and getting back to the circle if you land there. The only way you can get there is to have your plane cross the location but be prepared as your road back to the circle is going to be a lengthy one.

campo militar miramar


Just west of Los Leonas, you can find Chumacera. It is a good place to start with. It offers a variety of different sniping spots. Plus being close to Los Leonas means you will always have an easy way towards the circle.

chumacera miramar

El Pozo

If you are among the first few players to land in El Pozo then this place is a heaven for you. There is an abundance of buildings across the area, and if you are well-equipped, there are a lot of sweet spots to catch players off guard. If however, you are late to the party, then it is recommended to move to the Crater Fields as the best alternative option.

el pozo miramar

Miramar Landing Tips

As soon as you are on the plane, you must quickly hit the Map button and get an idea where most of the players are going to land. Although landing in large towns guarantees a good loot, it also increases the chances of dying in the first few minutes of the game. So wherever you plan to land, to ensure that you are among the first ones to land so that you can get the necessary items before others.

Do remember that Miramar is a lot similar to Erangel. You have the large city center in the form of Los Leones while medium-sized smaller towns are located across the sides. One of the most important locations for you is El Pozo. Similar to Erangel, Miramar also features a coastline on the south with another island where Los Higos can be found. The mainland of Miramar is connected to the island by two bridges. It is one of the most dangerous places to be in.

Climb Wherever You Can

PUBG provides you with climbing and vaulting feature. It has made moving around a lot easier. You can reach on the rooftops of buildings. And for a map like Miramar, this is something really effective. Rooftops provide a good vantage point. They are also preferred for good loots.

miramar map

Head for Cover

Being a substantially large map, it is always the best option that you are in as much cover as possible. This is why staying in buildings and looking for kills is a lot easier. The buildings not only provide a good place to hide in but also allow you to set yourself up to catch other people off guard as well. Plus it is always better to be inside a building rather than running around like crazy and becoming prey for whoever is waiting.

Weapon Choices

Almost everyone who is new to the game has a tough time choosing the best weapon for the situation at hand. This is something that we had discussed in our Erangel map guide as well and will emphasize it here once again. Trying to take out a running enemy with a pistol is probably the worst thing to do. Similarly, using a sniper rifle in close range makes you nothing but a sitting duck for the enemy.

The release of Miramar also blessed us with new weapons to play with. The Sawed-off shotgun is one of the best weapons available. The good thing about the Sawed-off is that it does not replace your primary weapon and can be replaced with your pistol instead. This is just one example of how a good weapon can do wonders for you. If you want to know more then our detailed PUBG weapons guide is what you should read. To make good weapon choices, you must know about the most commonly-used weapons in the game.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of Miramar map guide. But it doesn’t end here; there is more to come. If you think this blog is helpful in improving your game in Miramar, then do let us know. We will be updating this Miramar Map Guide with more tips and tricks in order to help you master your PUBG game.

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PUBG Miramar Map Guide – All You Need To Know

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