16 May, 2018

PUBG Copying Fortnite Once Again With New Additions

Ever since the release of Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been trying its best to put up a good competition when it comes to popularity. Well, it seems Bluehole Studios is taking an approach similar to the one being used by Epic Games. We say this because PUBG’s latest update has brought in features which look suspiciously similar to the ones available in Fortnite. So, is PUBG trying to copy Fortnite? Let’s find out.

We understand that imitation is the purest form of flattery but copying features and elements from one of the biggest rivals is like submitting to the other side. I know I will get a lot of hate for this, but this is what Bluehole Studios is doing with PUBG. They are taking features and ideas which have already become a norm in the world of Fortnite.

First came a smaller map, then came the limited time modes. Some might argue that these are standard features of the battle royale genre, and I agree to the proposition, but with new PUBG update, things have gotten a lot worse.

PUBG Update #12 and Update #13 have added quite a few features to the game which include the all-new parachute skins. Though these are different from the ones in Fortnite, the concept is the same. Here is a look at this new feature:

PUBG Parachute skins

However, this is not the only feature we are talking about as players have started noticing random golden chests scattered all around the new PUBG map. Check out Reddit user, godlyfury, post for more details on the Golden Chests in PUBG.

PUBG Golden Chests

We all know that Golden Chests are iconic to the Fortnite title, and with these coming to PUBG, there’s a set pattern that the developers of the game are following. Will this practice ignite a controversy between the two popular battle royale games or is it just a routine exercise? Give us your opinion on the matter below.

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PUBG Copying Fortnite Once Again With New Additions

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  • JesusChrist

    Let them copy each other who cares, if both games keep getting improved then why the heck not

  • Barry Harden

    At the end of the day PUBG is dying. Not free to play and not available on the PS4 were the fatal blows that’s killing the game at the moment.


    Put it this way….There’s lots of things PUBG could steal from Fortnite…but i cant think of anything in PUBG i’d like to see in Fortnite. Fortnite is the superior game especially if we can have more marvel themed events included, the thanos mode was a blast. Oh and no matter where i play PUBG it seems to have poor performance.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    even the gold chests are of ugly quality lool!! PUBG looks like a Dreamcast game!!! lool