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CS:GO is now Free-to-play, Battle Royale Mode Added

CS:GO is now Free-to-play, Battle Royale Mode Added

The much-awaited CS:GO update is finally here. Valve also hops…

Fortnite Season 7 Trailer and Patch Notes are Here

Fortnite Season 7 Trailer and Patch Notes are Here

Fortnite announced the release of Battle Royale’s Season 7 and…

Valve Releases Statement – TNC Receives 20% DPC Deduction

Valve Releases Statement – TNC Receives 20% DPC Deduction

It’s been quite long since the Carlo “Kuku” Palad racial…

LOL News: CLG Star Reignover Departs the Team

LOL News: CLG Star Reignover Departs the Team

The legendary Korean player and EU LCS winner Kim “Reignover”…


CS:GO News – G2 Benches Ex6tenz And SmithZz To Add JaCkZ And Lucky

November 27, 2018  |  by Spark

The French squad of G2 have once again made a roster change as they have benched veterans SmithZz and Ex6tenZz to make place for Audric “JaCkz” Jug and Lucas “Lucky” Chastang. The two have been former 3DMAX players who made waves in the local scene winning the ESEA MDL Season 28 and also claiming a

How To Fix Fallout 76 Lag And Other Performance Issues

November 26, 2018  |  by Dani

When one talks about the kings of the RPG world, there are only a handful of studios which come to mind and Bethesda Studios is one of them. These American developers are known for releasing incredible titles like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. However, with their most recent project, one which experiments with

World of Warcraft Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance Schedule Released

November 26, 2018  |  by Dani

During Blizzard’s most recent conference, the developers finally came out with an announcement regarding the future of its most successful video game, World of Warcraft. A new content patch, titled Tides of Vengeance was revealed, one which would be the first patch after the release of the game’s most recent expansion, Battle of Azeroth. And well today,

Astralis Take Over MIBR To Win ECS Season 6

November 26, 2018  |  by Spark

The undisputed champions of CS:GO have once again taken a title to their name by defeating MIBR in the grand finals of ECS Season 6 with a 16-14 and 22-20 score line on Inferno and Overpass. ECS Season 6 brought in some really great moments between some of the best teams in the game. The

Steam Autumn Sale 2018: Here’s What’s Good

November 24, 2018  |  by Dani

With Black Friday 2018 in full swing, Steam is here with its very own sale, one which will have you regretting your decisions in the months to come. The Steam Autumn Sale is now live, which means massive discounts on video games left right and center. So, for all those who have been patiently waiting

Ralph From Wreck-It-Ralph Might Be Coming To Fortnite Soon

November 22, 2018  |  by Dani

With Epic Games releasing its v6.30 Content Update for Fortnite just a couple of days ago, a number of brand new features including Dynamites and a new LTM mode called Wild West have been added into the game. However, from what we have just found out, it seems the game’s newly updated files holds something

PUBG Weapons Guide: The Best For Getting A Chicken Dinner

November 22, 2018  |  by Dani

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) getting massively popular, with each passing day, I thought this is the perfect time to bring the readers with a comprehensive PUBG weapons guide. Furthermore, since the developers are constantly updating the game, trying to figure out the perfect balance, I believe you need to know as the more recent updates

New Fortnite Update v6.30 Goes Live Today

November 20, 2018  |  by Spark

Fortnite’s Update 6.30 is set to arrive today, and just like the previous versions, the new update is also adding in new content to the game. As announced via the official twitter account, the v6.30 content update is scheduled to release on Tuesday, 20th November, which is today. Something Wild this way comes… The v6.30

Dota 2 News: Ana Takes Break From OG

November 19, 2018  |  by Dani

After witnessing OG lifting the Aegis at The International 2018, crowning themselves as the newest Dota 2 Champions of the world, their reign in the professional scene was just beginning. However, after just, the very first major in the Dota 2 Pro Circut 2018/2019, the current world champions are undergoing one of the biggest changes to