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Dota Auto Chess Update March 25 – Massive Changes

Dota Auto Chess Update March 25 – Massive Changes

Update: New Dota Auto Chess Update now live in the game.…

Dota 2 News: Mineski bid farewell to Febby and Pieliedie

Dota 2 News: Mineski bid farewell to Febby and Pieliedie

SEA’s powerhouse is now short to two star players as…

How to Lower Ping in Seven Steps

How to Lower Ping in Seven Steps

If your are playing online games and are facing the…

CS:GO Update Brings Major Changes

CS:GO Update Brings Major Changes

A Major update has just hit CS:GO and that is…


World of Warcraft History in Pictures

June 10, 2015  |  by Spark

Dave Wilson, manager at recruitment marketing Blizzard had recently been kind enough to show the history of World of Warcraft and how it transitioned to the game it is now. Dave Wilson through his tweets provided images of the original World of Warcraft model along with the different aspects that the game had in those

A brief guide of the best lag reducing software

June 10, 2015  |  by Spark

What is Kill Ping? Kill Ping is here to take away all your high ping problems. The best lag reducing software that is able to minimize in-game lag issues that are often faced by online gamers. Popular online multiplayer games that are divided in genres of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), RTS (Real Time Strategy)

League of Legends Hexakill mode is no more

June 9, 2015  |  by Spark

A wrap up has been again announced by Riot Games and this time its the second best game mode for League of Legends. Sadly, Hexakill has been taken back from League of Legends players and is headed back to the workshop for further changes and tweaks. The featured game mode would be back soon, however,

Dota 2 Top 5 Pudge Players of all time

June 8, 2015  |  by Spark

After recently covering too many professional Top ‘this’ and Top ‘that’ in Dota 2, we thought about writing for the most beloved hero of all. Dota 2 players around the world, even though the best or the worst have at least tried a hook or two with the butcher. Yes, Pudge is the most played

Diablo III “Battlefield of Eternity” makes it to Heroes of the Storm with “Eternal Conflict” event!

June 8, 2015  |  by AGzee

Heroes of the Storm new event, ‘Eternal Conflict’ to bring out new in-game content. New Skins, mounts and a possible new hero tease. News Flash: Blizzard has recently announced to launch an event and rumor has it that they will be giving out in-game tease regarding the famous Blizzard character, “The Skeleton King Leoric” for

League of Legends Top Teams 2015

June 5, 2015  |  by Spark

With the LOL Worlds 2015 coming closer and closer, Kill Ping gives you the list for the top teams to look out for at the biggest event of the year. The top team rankings provide an insight about the best possible players that you might wanna include in your Fantasy LCS. The teams not having

World of Warcraft patch 6.2 brings back Archimonde

June 5, 2015  |  by Spark

On parallel time line to Outland where the orcish tower resides same place as Tanaan Jungle, place where the Draenei race was slaughtered.

The International 2015 Playoff and Wildcard Prediction (Kill Ping Giveaway)

June 5, 2015  |  by Spark

With a recent post on Twitter by Dota 2 about the two teams to join the main event at The International 2015, fans around the world are giving their best shot to predict who will enter through the wild card entry. From VEGA and CDEC, NAR and MVP. Phoenix, only two will be lucky enough

A potty break that might have cost LoL Pro Team the game

June 4, 2015  |  by Spark

Do you think what consequences might happen if you pause the game and go for a quick pee break? Well, if it’s your average everyday game you would get flamed by your teammates and they will probably resume without you anyway. However, that was not the case the poor guy Seon “Space” Ho-san. Space who