06 Aug, 2018

10 Overwatch Tips to Make You a Better Player

Overwatch never stops to amaze us. The game has so much to offer, and that is the reason why more and more players are joining the game every day. But while it is such fun to play, there is also a competitive factor in the game. This aspect cannot be taken lightly. Those who do commonly find themselves at the bottom of the competitive ladder should read this particular blog. While you can get better in the game by continuous practice; players do have an idea of where to start. So today, we will share with you the best Overwatch tips that will greatly help you in getting better at the game.

Overwatch Tips

If you have just started playing Overwatch or are struggling to win games, then this blog is what you need. Without further delay, let’s start with the top 10 Overwatch tips to be a better player.

1. Stick to the payload

The first thing that you should keep in mind when playing some serious Overwatch Escort games is that your objective is the payload. Whether you are defending or attacking, Payload is the most important thing that will let you win the game. If you stay close, your chances of winning will substantially increase. A lot of players hardly put any emphasis on it and run around in search of kills. Yet again, killing the enemy team isn’t going to do much if the payload isn’t moving.

overwatch tips

Another thing that many don’t know is that even attackers can be close to the payload and make it move in the opposite direction. It’s not just the defenders who can move the payload. The attackers too can take the advantage.

As soon as you kill the enemy team, and find no one is pushing the payload, you can stand close to it and see it move backwards. This is more frustrating for the defenders as they will have to move it from a point they had already crossed a few moments ago.

2. Switch between heroes

While being skilled at playing a few heroes is a good thing, sticking to only one is something practiced not even at professional level. Players switch according to the situation at hand and that’s what takes them a long way.

For instance, if you are a Widowmaker player, but the team requires a flanker in a situation, then switching to Tracer might be the best choice for you and your team. This also forces the enemy team to change their strategy as they now have to worry about Tracer hitting them from the back.

Switch between heroes

This is the same for offensive players as well. Genji although is one of the best offensive heroes to play with, but it might not work when you need a flanker. Consider you are on the defending side on Escort and your team is having a hard time doing so.

At this point, even Genji won’t be able to win you the game as the current requirement is much more defensive. Switching to Reinhardt to soak up the damage would be the best choice. Keep track of your teammates and switch to other heroes depending on the situation. Having two Reinhardts is much better rather than having no one to a tank.

3. Keep the team balanced

Further developing the point mentioned above, it is greatly important to know what your team currently demands. Having a discussion is always good. While in a game like Overwatch, this might not always be possible, chatting and letting your point out is easier.

This way you and the teammates can get a much better idea of what heroes would work best in different scenarios. While six Bastions can be a pain in the ass or having six Reinhardts one hell of a wall to break, they can never win you the game.

Keep the team balanced

Roles are there for a reason. And you should abide by them and pick your heroes accordingly. Ideally, two supports, two offensive, one defensive and one tank is the way to go. This should be followed in the default scenario, but you should always be open to making changes.

4. Roles are not set in stone

A bit contradictory to what we have mentioned above, the statement, however, stands true. As you work yourself up to the competitive ladder, you will notice a lot of players using heroes a bit differently. A good example of this can be Widowmaker or Reaper. While they both are the core of their defensive and offensive roles, it doesn’t mean they cannot be played the other way round.

Widowmaker has proved to be a good offensive hero as she can get to good spots through her grappling hook and allow other teammates to be aggressive through her ultimate. Similarly, Reaper can be a good defensive hero as well since his close range high damage and ultimate allow him to take out aggressive heroes with ease.

5. Supports also need help

You are not the only one who needs healing. And healing isn’t the only thing that falls under the support category. At times, saving allies from tricky situations can greatly increase chances of survival for the whole team. The support will also acknowledge your efforts and might return the favor when you are in need.

Overwatch Tips

Your Mercy teammate is tirelessly healing the allies and might become the enemy team’s next target. In such a situation, you can save her from tricky situations by being close to her or take the enemy out while they are trying to bring her down.

6. Time the ultimates

Timing is everything. Just because you have a charged up ultimate, doesn’t mean you should use it immediately. You must use the ultimates in coordination with others. This practice can greatly enhance the impact. Widowmaker’s ultimate will work wonders with Lucio’s Nano boost as your team will be charged up for battle, and will exactly know where everyone is located. Similarly, Zarya’s Graviton Surge will destroy the entire team if you time it up with Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter or D.Va’s Self Destruct.

It is important to let everyone know that you have a charged ultimate and can combine it with other things to get more devastating results.

7. Flanking is winning

Another major thing that players usually ignore is the proper use of flanking. This, however, doesn’t mean that you roam around the map in search of the enemy. Having good map knowledge is a must, and you should not be acting like a foreigner in no man’s land.

You should move through alternate routes and try to catch them off guard. A good example of this is when you see the enemy tank down as a tracer, you can quickly move to the enemy spawn location. This way the tank will have to tackle with you first before coming back into action.

Precious time can be wasted through this, and the most important heroes can be limited to what they do if you are a good flanker. At the very least, even if you die, you still have done much in terms of being a pain to the enemy team.

8. Stay together no matter who you are

Among all the Overwatch tips mentioned, this is one of the most important. No matter what your role is in the game, you should always keep an eye on your teammates. This is why you should remain close to your team.

Flanking is winning

Even if you flank, you must also help out your teammates or at least be with them when they need you the most. If you want to go up the competitive ladder, then you should put great emphasis on this point.

9. Don’t Stop. EVER

Overwatch is different than other FPS games. Unlike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Call of Duty, you cannot stay in one place hoping to take out the enemies through camping. There is no such thing as camping in Overwatch even if you are playing as Widowmaker.

You should always be on the move and try to take out enemies and objective on the go. As a sniper, you can take one good position to hit a few shots and immediately move out so that you don’t become a sitting duck for the enemy.

Watch pro matches to learn how to be better at Overwatch. The movement would probably be the first thing that you notice. There is a clear difference in how the Pros use their heroes and how they maneuver in their fights. Try to use professionals’ tactics, and you will clearly see an upgrade in your gameplay.

10. Talk to the teammates

Last but probably the most important thing that I can suggest in this Overwatch tips blog, is to use a MIC and talk to your teammates as much as possible. Blizzard provides their own voice chat software if you are playing with friends. Remember, communication is the key.

If you play solo, you can still talk within the game and let others know of your position or anything that is important. The position of a flanking Tracer might just be enough for your team’s Widowmaker to take her out.

Moreover, there are different strategies that can be put in place if you talk to your teammates. As discussed above, letting them know about your charged ultimate and coordinating it may become a decisive factor in winning the game.

If you don’t own a mic, then you might want to invest a few bucks and get one for yourself. It hardly costs $5 to own a low-end mic, and that is just about enough to do the job for you. If you are serious about improving your game, then a few dollars won’t even count.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of this blog. We have elaborated about the 10 best Overwatch tips that you should apply to your game. While this blog was aimed at new players, there are always things that even old players can learn. Even veteran players tend to ignore some of the factors mentioned above which can greatly help them.

If you have been struggling to make a mark in Overwatch, then these Overwatch tips will definitely help you out. Apply them to your game, and you will surely see a difference. Tell us what you think about the tips and how much you have improved your Overwatch gameplay through this.

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10 Overwatch Tips to Make You a Better Player

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