30 Mar, 2018

Overwatch Map Callouts [Control Maps Updated]

Update: We are here with more callouts for you on all of the control maps found in Overwatch. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you more in the coming days.

Callouts are a staple of competitive online games since the time of Quake 3D. They provide a shorthand to the players for quick and easy communication. While some game developers have incorporated callouts in their game, sadly in Overwatch these are a courtesy not extended by Blizzard. YET!

So, it falls upon us fans and community members to fill the gap and come up with our own callouts for the popular MOBA shooter hybrid. Blizzard has released twelve maps for Overwatch, so far. So to keep things clean and do the job right I have split this article into multiple pieces.

There are four map types in Overwatch and I intend to cover one type per week, intend. That’s three maps every seven days. When Blizzard finally releases more maps for Overwatch you can bet they’ll end up here as well. The articles include;

• Callouts
• Preferred heroes for attack
• Preferred heroes for defense

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Are Callouts?

A callout is defined as “an instance of being summoned, especially in order to deal with an emergency or to take corrective action”. In the context of Overwatch callouts are catchwords given to specific locations throughout a map.

Importance of Callouts in Overwatch

Overwatch is a fast-paced team-based shooter game. Victory relies on working together and taking appropriate countermeasures against enemy actions.

The biggest benefit of having callouts is to relay strategic actions to your team. Callouts are used in Overwatch to give instructions to teammates to go to specific locations, inform them of enemy location, instruct to capture sniping positions etc.

Overwatch Maps

At present, there are a total of twelve maps in Overwatch. They are categorized into four match types;

Assault Maps

  • Hanamura
  • Horizon Lunar Colony (Coming Soon!)
  • Temple of Anubis (Coming Soon!)
  • Volskaya Industries (Coming Soon!)

Control Maps

  • Ilios
  • Nepal
  • Lijiang Tower
  • Oasis

Escort Maps

  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Coming Soon!)
  • Route 66 (Coming Soon!)
  • Dorado (Coming Soon!)
  • Junkertown (Coming Soon!)

Hybrid Maps

  • Hollywood (Coming Soon!)
  • King’s Row (Coming Soon!)
  • Numbani (Coming Soon!)
  • Blizzard World (Coming Soon!)
  • Eichenwalde (Coming Soon!)


Hana means “flower” and Mura means “village”, but, HANAMURA is one of the Overwatch maps that presents a significant challenge to even seasoned players. It is set in a fictional suburban village in Japan. Hanamura is a point capture map where continuous momentum is essential to win for both sides.

Lore-wise Hanamura serves as home to the descendants of the Shimada clan; Hanzo and Genji. The map is a mash-up of ancient Japan with the temple and gardens and the modern times with arcades and restaurants. This amalgamation of modern and ancient design is representative of the brothers who call Hanamura their home.

So let’s get started with the Map Callouts for Hanamura.

Attack Base

Overwatch Callouts Hanamura attack base

Bell Tower Front

Overwatch Callouts Hanamura Bell Tower Front

Hanamura Bell Tower Front

Bell Tower Back

Overwatch Callouts Hanamura Bell Tower Back


Overwatch Callouts Hanamura Cliffside

Hanamura Cliffside


Overwatch Callouts Hanamura Garden

Defense Base

Overwatch Callouts Hanamura Defense Base

Hanamura Defense Base

Preferred Heroes for Hanamura – Attack Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport

Preferred Heroes for Hanamura – Defense Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport
Soldier 76TorbjornRoadhogSymmetra

Control Maps


Ilios is located in the Aegean sea of Greece, atop a small island. The location acts as a vacation spot for the entire world due to its scenic beauty. However, since the island features some pretty incredible ancient artifacts and relics, it is also considered to be one of the most important places in the Overwatch lore.

It is one of the most visually appealing maps in Overwatch. However, alongside that, Ilios is also one of the most challenging maps. This is because of the gigantic hole located in the middle of it which can be the death of anyone who falls in it. As a result, when playing the Ilios, players have to be extra careful not to fall to their deaths.

Callouts for Ilios can be seen below:

Ilios A

Overwatch ilios a

Ilios B

Overwatch callouts ilios b

Ilios C

Overwatch callouts ilios c

Preferred Heroes for Ilios – Attack Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport

Preferred Heroes for Ilios – Defense Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport
Soldier 76BastionRoadhogBrigitte


Nepal is a monastery located high up in the Himalayas. It was found by a group of omnic robots, after an experience which they describe as a spiritual awakening. They let go of their programmed lives and went on to establish the monastery, where they and other omnic robots could gather up and meditate on the nature of their existence.

Since Nepal is located a high up in the Himalayas, there are quite a few drop points in the map which if fallen through, could lead to the inevitable death of the player. As a result, apart from dodging the enemy team’s attacks, players have to careful of where they step as well as a single wrong move can be the death of them. So, it is very important to know the exact locations of the map.

To learn more about the Overwatch map callouts, check out the images down below:

Nepal A

Overwatch Callouts Nepal A


Nepal B 

Overwatch Callouts Nepal B

Nepal C

Overwatch Callouts Nepal C

Preferred Heroes for Nepal – Attack Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport

Preferred Heroes for Nepal – Defense Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport

Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower is a place located in the heart of a modern Chinese metropolis. With its busy streets, restaurants, and renowned night markets, the Lijiang Tower is always packed with large crowds. The tower located in the middle of the map is home to one of the leading space exploration companies, Luncheng Interstellar who are known all over the world for their incredible state-of-the-art capabilities.

Moving over to the map itself, it houses one of the greatest and most interesting maps in Overwatch. Lijiang Tower features some pretty exciting close-quarter locations which force players to battle up close. Plus, with potential flanking spots located everywhere, players have to be on the lookout at all time. Because of this, it is very important to know about the Overwatch callouts for Lijiang Tower.

Check out the Overwatch map callouts for Lijiang Tower down below:

Variant 1

Overwatch Lijiang Tower

Overwatch Lijiang Tower Callouts

Variant 2

Lijiang Tower Overwatch Callouts

Variant 3

Overwatch Lijiang Callouts

Preferred Heroes for Lijiang Tower – Attack Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport
Soldier 76HanzoWinstonLucio

Preferred Heroes for Lijiang Tower – Defense Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport
Soldier 76JunkratOrisaMercy


The newest of the Overwatch control maps, Oasis, is based in one of the world’s most advanced cities of Iraq. The is considered to be a monument to the human ingenuity and invention as due the city being dedicate towards scientific progress and development. Apart from that, the city is also being run by the Ministries, a group of highly intelligent individuals with the power of secrets from across the globe. It is because of this, many powerful organizations are fond of the Oasis.

The map is divided into three segments, City Center, Gardens and The University, each featuring a number of different spots which can be exceptional for both attacking and defending. Furthermore, with the entire map feature both close quarters and large open spaces, one has to be very vigilant as attacks can come from any direction.

So, if you wish to become the very best in Oasis, we would advise you to learn these Overwatch map callouts.

Variant 1

Overwatch Callouts Oasis

Variant 2

Overwatch Oasis Callouts

Oasis Overwatch Callouts

Variant 3

Overwatch Map Callouts Oasis

Preferred Heroes for Oasis – Attack Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport

Preferred Heroes for Oasis – Defense Team

Offense DefenseTankSupport

More callouts for Overwatch are being developed as we write. So, stay tuned!

Tell us what you think about these callouts and should Blizzard add official ones in Overwatch. Also, let us know who are your preferred heroes in the comments? And if you find our guide helpful do share it with your friends.
P.S. Heroes never die!

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Overwatch Map Callouts [Control Maps Updated]

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