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TI8 Main Event Day 1 Highlights: Newbee Out, VP Falls To Lower Bracket

August 21, 2018  |  by Spark

The first day of the main event at Dota 2 The International 2018 was not quite as many expected. Last year’s TI8 finalists are already out on the first day of the main event and top teams are finding it hard to stand the ground. Day 1 at TI8 had a total of six matches

[Update] TI8 Sets Record For Largest Prize Pool Ever; Community Is Not Happy

August 20, 2018  |  by Dani

Update: Something seems to be changing. Maybe our call has been heard. Stay tuned for more updates. ** IGNORE THIS FOR THE TIME BEING ** — Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) August 20, 2018 After The International 2017 which set an all-time record for the largest prize pool in the history of esports with a massive final

TI8 Group Stage Day 4 Highlights: Pain Gaming And Invictus Gaming First To Leave

August 19, 2018  |  by Dani

The fourth and final day of The International 2018 Group Stage has come and gone, bringing to the world some of the best Dota 2 games we have ever seen. However, since a number of games were being played simultaneously, it was close to impossible for a Dota 2 player to watch each and every

TI8 Group Stage Day 3 Highlights: Liquid, EG And VGJ.S First To Qualify

August 18, 2018  |  by Dani

With Day 3 of The International 2018 now behind us, you might be one of the very few people who were unable to watch the majority of the matches. Plus, since the format for the group stages allow for four matches to be played simultaneously, it is near impossible to watch them all. So, if

TI8 Group Stage Day 1 Recap: Two Brothers On the Road To Glory

August 16, 2018  |  by Dani

The first day of The International 2018 Group Stages has come and gone, bringing to us some of the greatest Dota 2 matches we have seen in the history of the game. However, if you are one who might have missed out on the excitement, do not worry. We have taken the time out to

CS:GO News: Iconic MP5-SD Added To The Game

August 16, 2018  |  by Spark

A new update has just hit CS:GO and it has brought in a new gun to the game, the legendary, MP5 along with a few minor changes to Panorama as well. The release of the new weapon was first teased by Valve via Twitter. Many already predicted the sub-machine gun to be that weapon while

Fortnite Patch v5.21: Heavy Sniper Now Available, Cloth Glitch Fixed

August 15, 2018  |  by Dani

A couple of days back, Epic Games updated its in-game news tab with details regarding Fortnite’s next weapon, the Heavy Sniper Rifle. Well, with the game’s v5.21 patch going live, the wall-piercing Sniper rifle is now available. Moreover, for the past few days, the entire Fortnite community has been complaining about a bug in the

Heavy Sniper Rifle Coming To Fortnite Soon

August 13, 2018  |  by Dani

A couple of weeks back, the Fortnite community caught wind of a brand new Sniper Rifle making its way to the game. And, with the developers updating Fortnite’s in-game news pop-up, it is now confirmed. Epic Games is bringing the Heavy Sniper Rifle to the game with its next update which we believe, will land

Dota 2 News: Trove Carafe 2018 Might Be Releasing Today

August 9, 2018  |  by Dani

From what we have seen in these past few months, Valve has been quite sluggish with releasing content for The International 2018 and its Battle Pass. From Immortal Treasure delays to unsatisfactory content releases (I’m looking at you, Escalating Odds), the developers seem quite out of it of this year. That being said, with just