09 Jun, 2016

Lucio is Most Popular Overwatch Hero

Overwatch has an in-game mechanism that records statistics based on things such as healing, kills, damage etc. However, a star-tracking website known as Master Overwatch has taken the game’s stats to the next level by giving you the score-per-minute, popularity rate, and winrate of your favorite Overwatch heroes.

And, what Master Overwatch has in store may surprise you. According to the site, DJ Lucio has landed a place among the top three most popular heroes of Overwatch in terms of score-per-minute, winrate, and popularity.


Master Overwatch collects data and stats of players around the world using their career profiles. It then compiles it into one huge searchable/sortable database. However, players are added to the database only when they have been searched, meaning that not all of the 7+ million Overwatch players are represented by it.

Master Overwatch reveals some rather interesting data about the game, giving you an overview of how different heroes stack against each other. Symmetra leads the list  with the highest winrate of all heroes. At 61.7%, she is sitting pretty at the top although she is also the least picked of any hero in the roster. Mercy, on the other hand, is the most picked hero of the game. However, when compared with Symmetra, she still has a lower winrate of 48%.


The one Overwatch hero who pretty much leads every chart is Lucio! In terms of statistics, Lucio is one of THE best (and most popular) heroes of Overwatch. His stats are impressive and he is also the most popular hero choice among Overwatch players. He also boasts the highest score per minute, perhaps because he has the ability to deal considerable damage while healing multiple heroes at once. Lucio also has the third highest winrate of 57.8% which makes him only the second most popular choice among Overwatch players around the globe.


Another useful feature of Master Overwatch is that it draws interesting comparisons between PC and console players. For example, Torbjorn who has a decent winrate of 59.4% among PC players has an off-the-charts winrate of 68% on consoles!

It also seems like playing Overwatch on consoles sort of gets in the way of good marksmanship as players have to get accustomed with joysticks. This can be seen by the fact that snipers like Widowmaker have a lower winrate of 46.4% on consoles compared to a slightly better winrate of 49.9% on PCs.


And if you try out the filters for yourself, you can find out some amazing information and statistics on the various heroes of Overwatch. According to the team of Master Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t taken a position on their website as of now.

“Of course we are nervous if Blizzard decides to remove access or prevent these sorts of things but that is why we are very, very careful, despite the frequency that we have been releasing features, about the quality of those features that we introduce.”

Indeed, the tools that Master Overwatch is providing to the global Overwatch community are invaluable. And, considering that it is only two weeks old, the rich toolset will increase in accuracy as more and more Overwatch players start using it. Master Overwatch has massive potential in the global Overwatch community – anough, at least, to attract the attention of Blizzard itself.

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Lucio is Most Popular Overwatch Hero
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