16 Jul, 2018

Low Ping in Online Gaming with Kill Ping

It’s been few months since Kill Ping entered the world of online gaming and has already conquered a lot by providing lower ping to thousands of online gamers. However, Kill Ping won’t rest until each and every online gamer is free from ping problems for good. Many Kill Ping users wonder how Kill Ping is able to work miracles to low ping and latency problems in online gaming. Therefore, today, we will be telling you the secret behind how Kill Ping works its magic.

low ping

Low Ping

First off, let’s start with telling how online gaming actually work before providing you with the details about how Kill Ping gives its two cents in enhancing your online gaming experience by providing low ping and reducing latency problems. For online gamers, anytime you connect to your favorite online game a connection is made. This connection is between you and the respective game server. Game servers are actually those that connect you to other gamers or players within a region.

For example if you reside in Europe, then probably the game server you would be connecting to have to be located within the same region. In a way all online gamers within the Europe region connect to their respective servers and in coordination with other servers of the region an online game becomes playable. A low ping is greatly dependent on which region you a connected to play the online game

So now that you know how a connection is made between you and the server there are also some aspects that should be kept in mind to determine whether your online connection is optimum and whether you will achieve low ping in your favorite online game.

Having an optimum connection with the game server greatly depends on the following factors

  • Internet Connection
  • ISP traffic
  • Game Server Load
  • Distance

Internet Connection

Internet Connection

If you are an online gamer then a good internet connection is a must. Depending on the game that you play, there is a variation in the amount of bandwidth that your game might consume on a constant basis. Having a good internet connection directly results in your player your online game and low ping and latency problems.

ISP Traffic

ISP Traffic

Whenever you connect to the internet your data travels through your ISP. Large number of users means more traffic towards your ISP that tends to choke or create delay in the transfer of data. Data congestion on your ISP tends to create lag and it’s almost impossible that you could play on low ping in these scenarios.

Game Server Load

Server Overload

You might have witnessed a sort of delay when playing your favorite game even if your internet connection is optimal. This is because of the intense load that is at times faced by servers due to heavy traffic.


This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind to have a better game connection. Whenever a connection to the game server is made, the connections reliability depends on how far you are from the game server. If the game server is far from your location this means that the number of hops your game data will take to reach its destination will increase. More hops mean more time it will take to transfer data (response time)and you can only dream of having low ping in online games

Distance to Server

Among the four factors described for a better game connection and low ping there is only one factor that cannot be changed which is the load over the game server. However, the remaining three can be optimized for the best possible connection. This is where Kill Ping steals the show by providing you what you desire; LOW PING and SMOOTH, AWESOME Online gaming.

Internet Anonymity

Among the list of awesome things Kill Ping gives to its online gamers is Internet Anonymity. Kill Ping provides a private route to its users that protect them from potential threats and hackers. This greatly assists online gamers since one of the common problems faced by them is DDos attacks.
Internet Anonymity
Kill Ping makes its users unseen when they are on the road of internet highway so that they are safe from any harm.

Dedicated Route

Ever wondered if you could get spoiled with VIP protocol? Well that’s exactly what Kill Ping does. Every Kill Ping user is given a private dedicated route. This means the connection between you and the game server is only yours and no data congestion should be expected along with low ping coming as an obvious outcome.

Least Distance Game Server Connection

Kill Ping through its rerouting methods is able to create a connection with the least possible distance from the game server. Less distance means a less response time and results low ping in game

Minimum Hop Calculation

As described above, the number of hops is directly proportional to the ping/ response time. Kill Ping calculates a routing path that has the least number of hops between computer and the game server and is ultimately the best possible thing you can have to low ping and lag problems.
how to low ping
Apart from the features described above, there are number of other features as well that make Kill Ping the best lag reducing software you can get. So don’t waste your time and enter the world of low ping online gaming now.

For lag free gaming experience download Kill Ping now
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Low Ping in Online Gaming with Kill Ping
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