28 Oct, 2018

LoL Worlds 2018 Semi-Finals: Fnatic vs. Cloud9

With the match between iG and G2 now done and dusted, it was now the second semi final between Cloud9 and Fnatic. Both teams came in with the mindset of winning but eventually one had to move forward as the better team. Today, it was Fnatic’s day as Cloud9 didn’t stand any chance against the European powerhouse.

Game 1

The first game of the series revolved around a Lee-Sin pick for Fnatic. Cloud9 opted for Ekko and heavy DPS in the form of Tristana, Lissandra and Xin Zhao. Caps LeBlanc however, was on his A-game and never allowed Cloud9 to come online. With complete domination across the map and almost 20K gold lead, Fnatic cruised past Cloud9’s Nexus in just under 25 minutes.

Game 2

With a one game lead, Fnatic looked really confident in their picks in Game 2. This is because of their Azir and Jayce picks which are pretty unorthodox in the current Meta. Still, Fnatic pulled the draft with ease even though Cloud9 seemed to have a better all-rounded draft. Caps once again had a phenomenal game and was involved in 9 kills out of the team’s total 13. The game ended in 32 minutes and Fnatic was now one game away from the grand finals.

Game 3

With Cloud9’s back against the wall, it was a really all or nothing for them. Fnatic could smell their victory and had all the confidence in the world. Right from the start it seemed as Cloud9 was on the back foot not allowing any chances of mistakes. Still they gave away a valuable kill of their ADC and Fnatic started to take advantages.

Cloud9 kept their cool and maintained an equal lead. One bad fight at the dragon however, cost them a dragon and a Baron which completely turned the game in Fnatic’s favor. Moments later Fnatic was knocking the high ground of Cloud9 and the NA squad simply had no answer. The result was inevitable and after a few more bad fights Fnatic Aced Cloud9 and took the Nexus and claimed their spot in the Grand Finals.

Final Words

With this, Fnatic and iG are your finalists for LoL Worlds 2018. Huge appreciation for Cloud9 who made it till the semifinals but it seems Fnatic was too big of an opponent for this. This also means that the finals is going to be the toughest match yet since both iG and Fnatic have 3-0ed their opponents.

The match between the two won’t be a walk in the park for any of the two and since this would be the biggest match of the biggest event, the stakes are definitively the highest. 3rd November marks the date where both teams collide for the prestigious title of the LoL Worlds 2018 Championship so stay tuned.


LoL Worlds 2018 Semi-Finals: Fnatic vs. Cloud9

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