13 Oct, 2018

LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage: Day 4 Highlights

Three days at the LoL Worlds 2018 are behind us and each new day just gets better and better. Some teams have now solidified their spot in the playoffs while some are just almost there. If in case you have missed the spectacular plays and match ups from today then you are at the right place.

So let’s take a look over all the matches held today and the outcome at the end of the 4th day at the LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage.

LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage: Day 4 Highlights

Match 1 – Afreeca Freecs vs. Phong Vũ Buffalo

The opening match for the day was between PVB and AFs. Afreeca Freecs came into the game with a 0-2 record. Their game vs PVB was really a must win situation. A loss here would have further reduced their chances for the playoffs. With the backs against the wall, AFs put on a show against PVB and defied all odds to win the game with a 12-2 scoreline.

Match 2 – G2 vs. Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves were looking strong coming into their match against G2. With a 2-0 record from their previous matches with Afreeca Freecs and Phong Vũ Buffalo. For many, Flash Wolves were the obvious winners here too. G2 however, had other plans. With Wunder putting on a show against FW, the game ended in 30 minutes and Flash Wolves had to face their very first loss of the group stage.

Match 3 – iG Vs. 100 Thieves

With Group A matches for the day over, the next up was Group D with 100 Thieves and iG taking on the fight. Unlike what many had been thinking about iG, the team has been able to perform quite well in the group stage. They had a 2-0 record coming into their match against 100 Thieves while the later was on 1-1. This match however, was the same domination from iG’s squad who ended the game in just 20 minutes.

Match 4 – Fnatic Vs. G-Rex

Next up was Fnatic and G-Rex. For the latter, the match was really important as G-Rex was on a 0-2 losing streak. G-Rex however, couldn’t handle the pressure and lost the game in just 24 minutes. The man of the match was undoubtedly Broxah who took G-Rex with quite ease and was constantly a nuisance for the enemy team.

Match 5 – Team Liquid Vs. Mad Team

Team liquid and Mad team had a 0-2 record coming into this match. In order to move to the playoffs, a win here was a must for both. The winner however, could only be one and today it seemed wasn’t the day for Mad Team. Both teams were playing really passive and even after 30 minutes the scoreline only had a total of 5 kills, 4 in favor of Team Liquid. TL took the Baron near 35 minutes and then was the obvious push from Team Liquid. With no solid defense, Mad couldn’t hold the ground and eventually lost the game.

Match 6 – KT Rolster Vs. EDward Gaming

The match between EDG and KT Rolster was probably the toughest one of the day. Both teams had a 2-0 record and more than having a win, it was important for both teams to show who was the best team of the group. Both teams seemed to be on the back foot as neither wanted to get any opening for the opposing team. Similar to the previous game, 30 minutes had passed with very few kills on the board. In the end however, KT Rolster stepped up and took Baron just at the right time to push high ground. With the power play advantage, KT Rolster just rolled over EDward Gaming and took the game convincingly.

Post Game Analysis

This marks the end of Day 4 of the group stage of Lol Worlds 2018. Things are looking good for teams like G2, Flash Wolves and most importantly iG. However, for G-Rex and Mad Team, this might be a wake up call. If they wish to move on to the playoffs, winning every match from now on is a must for them.

lol worlds group stage day 4 standings

This however, is just the start of more nerve wrecking matches to come. So if you have other plans, you might want to put them on a side for the coming two weeks. Stay tuned for more highlights and game to game insights from LoL Worlds 2018.


LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage: Day 4 Highlights

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