03 Nov, 2018

LoL Worlds 2018 Grand Finals: Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming

For the past few weeks, the world of League of Legends has been in an uproar due to the commencement of the much-waited LoL 2018 World Championship. From favorites to get knocked out early off to underdogs coming out on top, we have seen everything. But, now, it is time for it all to end as today marked the end of the tournament. The Grand Final of the tournament is now behind us. We, now, have a new World Champion.

Game 1

The first game of the took off to a great start. Both teams looked to have brought it their best, however, with Invictus Gaming taking on a couple of early on kills, it gave them the boost they needed to get the upper hand. And well, from there on out, it was very difficult for Fnatic to make a comeback. Fnatic was literally seen running for the hills and well, after just a mere 27 minutes, IG took the first win of the day.

Game 2

With the first game now behind us and IG taking the first win, it was now time for the second game of the day. Everyone was hoping for Fnatic to make a comeback but from what we saw, it felt like déjà vu. things were repeating themselves, as IG was seen annihilating Fnatic yet again. After just 33, the score was set at 7 to 22 in favor of IG. With this huge difference in both net worth and kills, Fnatic had lost its chance to make a comeback during the second match of the day.

Game 3

With IG having the first two wins, the score was set at 2-0 which meant it was now or never for Fnatic as losing here would mean giving up the title to Invictus Gaming. And well, for the first time in the finals, we finally saw Fnatic taking an early on advantage. They got the first blood and everything. Everyone was hoping this was it. This was the moment we will seen Fnatic come out on top but Fnatic failed to please its fans yet again.

They quickly lost the advantage, after which IG was seen dominating the third match of the day. It was from here on out, every lost all hopes. Fnatic did steal the Baron but even that was not enough for IG to crumble. After just 25 minutes and a difference of 12 kills, IG won the third and final game of the day, crowning themselves the LoL Worlds 2018 Champions.

Final Words

With IG taking home the first three wins of the best of five match-up, this was it. LoL Worlds 2018 finally came to an end with Invictus Gaming as your new LoL 2018 World Champions. And from how they were playing in the tournament, especially in the final, we have to say, they truly deserve it.

That is it for now but stay tuned as we are going to be bringing you additional news regarding what all is going down in the world of League of Legends. However, till you wait for that to happen, why not give us a minute of your time and comment below and let us know what you think of the what all happened today. Do you think IG deserved the win today? Let us down below:


LoL Worlds 2018 Grand Finals: Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming

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