02 Jun, 2015

League of Legends Guide to Lag Free Gaming in Brazil

Lag free gaming in Brazil

Kill Ping has been reducing high ping and lag in League of Legends for quite some time now. The effectiveness of Kill ping has helped many LoL players throughout the world, to play their favorite online game without the worry of lag. Even though Kill Ping has made solid grounds everywhere in reducing lag in League of Legends, there are some areas that still needed to be claimed. Among those is Brazil that has a huge population of LoL players. Apparently, Riot Games just does not give a cat’s crap to the issues their players face when playing League of Legends in Brazil. And this is where Kill Ping does its part in providing a gaming experience to League of Legends players that they have never witnessed before. Yes Brazil! Your lag problems in League of Legends are now gone for good.

League of Legends players in Brazil have been using Kill Ping since its BETA launch but we evaluated that gamers are facing trouble in selecting the right Kill Ping server. This gave them in-game lag and latency problems. We in this regards have done a bit of homework and gathered up a list of servers that LoL Brazil players can connect to for the best possible in-game connection and the lowest ping they can get.

Now all of the Brazilian LoL players just have to follow the basic guideline to the server connection and the result would be AWESOMENESS!

We have a compiled list based on the actual users experience in Brazil. With the server list shown below League of Legends players will be able to connect to the closest Kill Ping server to their locality and then connect to a LoL game server for upto 60% reduced ping and 0% packet loss.

ISPGame Server LocationKill Ping ServerAverage Ping
Digital Energy Technologies Chile SpAUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 67
Oi VeloxUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 90
ITS BrazilUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 55
Global Village TelecomUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 47
VirtuaUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 80
Oi InternetUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 90
EmbratelUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 69
VivoUnited StatesBrazil – Salvador 20

No matter what is your ISP in Brazil, all you have to do is connect to Kill Ping’s Salvador server and then to game server in United States and start OWN! Lag free gaming has never been this easy, has it?

We hope that the list will be able to give you an overview of how much decrease in lag and latency you can achieve in League of Legends, when connecting to the appropriate server of Kill Ping.

LoL players in Brazil who still haven’t witnessed the wonders of Kill Ping, can download the ultimate solution to lag right here.


League of Legends Guide to Lag Free Gaming in Brazil

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