05 Nov, 2018

How To Fix Battleborn Lag In Australia

It’s been just a few weeks since the game came out and they are already complaining about constant Battleborn lag. Regions, where lag seems to be the most consistent and annoying, include Oceania, or more specifically, Australia.

Australian gamers complain of constant lag in Battleborn and a host of connectivity issues in the game. Truth be told, Battleborn lag is common and expected, especially since the game is newly out and still in the process of establishing a network of servers. For gamers in Australia, the problem is heightened since there are no Battleborn servers in Australia.

Aussie Lag 2

Due to the absence of Battleborn Australian servers, gamers in the region have to connect to remote servers located in different regions to play the game and this leads to Battleborn lag. Heck, this was something bugging the Australian players even in the Beta Stage.



There are two types of Battleborn for lag Australia players. You may either face server lag which is related to your internet connection or graphic lag which has to do with the hardware you are using to run the game. Here are some tips on how to might be able to solve them.

Lack Of Battleborn Australian Servers

The main reason why Battleborn players from Australia are facing heavy lag is due to the lack of servers for the region. Probably, it’s safe to say that Battleborn game developer did not put a keen eye in this regards and did not deploy any server for the players in that region.

Therefore, in order to overcome the problem, a third party application like Kill Ping is needed which can connect players to the Battleborn Australian servers through a more appropriate path and as a result reduce their lag problems. A good pictorial representation for this can be seen below which will give a better idea of how Kill Ping can enhance the online gaming experience of Battleborn Australia players and reduce their lag for the game.


Kill Ping has dedicated servers that facilitate high-speed connection to the Battleborn game server resulting in reduced lag for Battleborn Australian players. By opting for optimized gaming routes, you can avoid online clutter and traffic during the transfer of game data. Furthermore, going through a dedicated route also significantly reduces the number of hops it takes your game data to reach the game server and this reduces lag for Battleborn Australian players.

Battleborn Internet Connectivity Issue in Australia

Battleborn Lag Australia

If you are using a broadband internet connection in Australia server lag is something that you may commonly face. Fiber optic internet connections are much faster as they provide lightning fast packet transfer speeds. This reduced instances of lag in Battleborn Australia.

Battleborn Download Issues

If you are facing download issues with Battleborn, it is best to change your server location and then retry downloading. This usually gets the work done.

Battleborn Player Initialization Error




This problem also surfaced during the beta of the game. However, it seems that game developers have resolved this issue. If you are still facing this problem, try uninstalling the beta first and then reinstall the game all over again. This should definitely work for you!

Kill Ping – One Stop Solution to Battleborn Lag

Above were some of the most common problems faced by players from Australia. For the most part, choosing an optimized server like Kill Ping can practically eliminate your woes when playing Battleborn.

Kill Ping uses optimized server-routing techniques to transfer packet data which reduces the number of hops it takes packet data to reach the Battleborn game server. So, if you take into account the fact that there are currently no Battleborn Australian servers, using Kill Ping is by far your best answer to Battleborn lag.

Trying the steps we mentioned above will certainly rid you of Battleborn lag in Australia along with related connectivity issues. You can also enjoy a smoother gaming experience without having to actually compromise much on visual details. Do let us know if these quick fixes worked for you by leaving a comment in the comments section below.
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How To Fix Battleborn Lag In Australia
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