07 Apr, 2015

Don’t let LoL Lag be a Snag


If there is one thing that every player from every part of the world incessantly complains about while playing League of Legends (LoL) is latency and high ping. For many players, the response or ping time is relatively low; however, the complaint of LoL high ping is one of the most common complaints voiced by LoL players online in gaming communities as well as the official community of League of Legends. Addition of more servers is therefore one of the main outcries and pleas of every die-hard LoL gamer.
While addition of more servers might prove effective in getting rid of LoL high ping, it is, however, not the only solution to the problem of LoL lag being faced by gamers worldwide. To get rid of LoL high ping once and for all, it is important to first understand what ping and lag actually are and how they affect the overall gaming experience of LoL players.
Ping is an estimate of how long it takes for data to travel from your PC to the LoL server. Having a fast ping means you will experience less lag and naturally this will add to your online gaming performance. Many gamers complain that their average ping when playing LoL is higher than 150ms. This means that your game data would take 150milliseconds to travel from your computer to LoL’s server.
A LoL high ping does not necessarily mean that the issue is because there are a fewer number of servers than actually required by players. In many cases it was found that the actual root cause of this issue was the location of the players and servers. For instance, a player who is connecting from Australia to a LoL server in the US would naturally face the issue of high ping because it would take longer for the game data to travel all the way from Australia to the US.
Besides the issue of the physical distance, we also have to take in account the way game data travels through the internet and reaches the server. Any type of data sent through the internet adapts a certain path or route, and if there are obstacles in the way, than lag is a given. The obstacles that we are referring to are gates or nodes, and they are responsible for forwarding your data to the server. The more the number of gates/nodes, the more time it will take for your data to reach its destination. This time then translates into high ping or lag.
On average, there are more than eight nodes between a computer and game server. The other thing to consider here is that you are most certainly not the only LoL players and neither are you the only person on the internet. Your game data uses the same conventional routing paths used by other data packets. This leads to congestion and the data traffic gets chocked, resulting in constant high ping and consistent lag issues.
Unfortunately, nobody has control over the routing paths on the internet; however, what can be done, and has actually helped in reducing game lag, is providing a dedicated routing path to a specific type of data.  Doing so ensures that only specific type of data travels using a particular path. This helps in decreasing congestion, and for LoL players it decreases LoL high ping considerably.
Imagine your game data travelling on a VIP lane on the information highway with no little or no congestion. The result is an in-game performance with up to 60% less lag and ping times.
This is the exact service provided by Kill Ping to LoL players. Kill Ping, through its dedicated servers, allots specific, less congested routing paths to your game data, which reduces the ping time.
With Kill Ping, you can own everyone at LoL remove LoL lag from your gaming life once and for all.

Join Kill Ping now and take LoL gaming to a whole another level.

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