12 Dec, 2015

Lag Free Online Gaming for LoL GARENA Philippines

Connecting the dots across the world for online gamers, GARENA, has been a loved and trusted free online gaming client for online gamers playing League of Legends, Crossfire, World of Warcraft and FIFA amongst hundreds of others.

League of Legends boasts millions of users today with a huge populace from the Philippines, using LoL GARENA Philippines servers. An estimated 1.5 million active users connect through the LoL GARENA Philippines network, leading to latency issues as the network gets clogged.

The LAG Chronicles

LoL Lag

As millions of gamers swarm LoL GARENA Philippines servers, playing various online gaming titles the arch nemesis of every gamer “LAG” sets in. LAG is common for servers as famous as LoL GARENA Philippines which hosts millions of users during peak hours. Lag is an accompanying drawback of any given free online gaming client, given at any time
LoL GARENA Philippines servers have been lagging so severely recently that the GARENA admins had to take the issue to the platform’s blog. The official statement from LoL GARENA Philippines read:

“We have previously explained how the disconnects and in-game lag that users are experiencing are caused by the congestion in the internet connection between Globe and the PH League of Legends platform”
– Posted on 10/25/2013 by LoL PH Admin

The sad story for all LoL GARENA Philippines gamers in this mess is that they have to wait for a better gaming connection. When LoL GARENA Philippines admins negotiated with the Globe Telecom (one of the ISPs used by GARENA servers) to increase the bandwidth for better server connectivity and game performance, Globe committed to increase the server bandwidth but not immediately, rather in the future. The statement “immediate future” is simply not good enough for any LoL GARENA Philippines gamer, a better idea is to use lag reduction or ping reduction apps.

This brings us to our second issue, gamers are looking for reliable solutions to fix League of Legends Lag. People have been looking to play League of Legends without lag via different methods available online in vain. However, LoL GARENA Philippines gamers can use Kill Ping to solve their lag issue and enhance server connectivity.

Kill Ping for LoL GARENA Philippines

After becoming one of the most popular ping reducing utility around the globe, Kill Ping now offers exclusive servers for LoL GARENA Philippines gamers on different ISPs. Including top names like PLDT, Globe Telecom and Smart Broadband amongst many other ISPs, Kill Ping is sweeping LoL GARENA Philippines users with their high speed servers and exclusive support.

Kill Ping, kills both latency and the competition with elite features including a Tier-1 global server network, up to 60% Lag reduction promise, unlimited server switching, unhindered server connectivity and an innovative custom app. Kill Ping subscribers also get exclusive email and live chat support for instant issue resolution.

As the quota measure kicks in LoL GARENA Philippine gamers can simply use the exclusive servers offered by Kill Ping and are hosted by internet providers other than Globe like Smart & PLDT. Since, only users of Globe will experience the quota, you can use the high speed network offered by Kill Ping to simply segregate yourself from the lag and queues.


Users around the world who want to compete against LoL GARENA Philippines users can also connect to their online gaming clients using Kill Ping through their highly optimized servers to ensure zero lag and low ping for users from US, Europe, SE Asia, Australia and other parts of the world too. You can download Kill Ping for free


Lag Free Online Gaming for LoL GARENA Philippines
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