17 Dec, 2015

Team Rave Returns with the Christmas Cheer

One of the top DOTA 2 gaming teams in Philippines, Team Rave, disbanded 6 months ago after the venture failed to impress against world class DOTA 2 teams. After securing 8th place in The Summit 3, the team of Ninjaboogie, ryOyr, Chrissy, Cast & Jeyo ended their Team Rave project to make way for new blood.

After an official recruitment drive message on Team Rave’s Facebook page, pro-gamers from across the world lined up for an audition with destiny. Team Rave’s influence on the Philippines gamer audience led to a huge recruitment drive from the region.

Team Rave Reborn

The 27th of November 2015 marked the epic day that an all Pinoy team was announced on the official Facebook page of Team Rave. Following are the details of the newly introduced team members:

Team Rave Roster
NameIn-Game AliasRole
Kenneth ColomaFlySoloSupport / Captain
Rafael PaloRave.RAPYOfflaner
Jobert De VillaRave.DaReMoSupport
John Robert GalmanRave.ShiroMidlaner
Frederick FernandezRave.fredCarry
The Pinoy Loyal get behind your team and support Team Rave in their journey for glory.

Destination ESL One Manila

It’s quite obvious that the announcement of a new team is pointing towards competing at upcoming world major event. The chemistry behind an all Philippines roster and the latest rumors that Team Rave will be “Boot Camping” soon, couldn’t make it more obvious that their destination is ESL One Manila.

Team Rave’s participation will be simply majestic given they will take on their first ever world class challenge‘in their own backyard’. The young Rave squad will also be pumped up on securing their very first & new sponsor Kill Ping.

Team Rave will carry the Kill Ping logo in ESL One Manila after official endorsement of the top notch ping reduction tool.

A New Team … A New Sponsor!

Kill Ping Sponsors Team Rave
Kill Ping will be the primary and official sponsor for the all new Team Rave, supporting them in their journey of world class conquest. Kill Ping is a latest “ping reduction” innovation taking roots in the global esports industry. Kill Ping and Team Rave harmonized like a match made in heaven as both look to solidify themselves on the world class level.

“Kill Ping has been working wonders for Philippines gamers and has been increasing involved in creating partnerships in the region. We are glad to have Team Rave on-board with us from Philippines. They have talent to reach new heights and we are glad to give them the required boost. We wish them all the best for the ESL One Manila.”

Aurangzeb A. Durrani (Manager, International Marketing for Kill Ping)

During the official testing phase of Kill Ping by Team Rave, excellent statistics and results were recorded, leading to the immediate official endorsement of Kill Ping from Team Rave.

“It came to us as a surprise when using Kill Ping gave our players a significant lag reduction. We are eager to play more matches online in future using the new app for Dota 2. We hope we can build a more positive relationship with the company in future and we are really glad that they selected us as one of their first teams to sponsor”

Ryan Parungao (Manager, Team Rave Dota 2)

Happy Holidays Courtesy By Kill Ping & Team Rave

Kill Ping Christmas Giveaway
Team Rave in association with Kill Ping brings gamers a Special Giveaway for the Christmas Season, allowing gamers to enter the draw for a chance to win cool DOTA 2 items. Here is a taste of prizes to come:

Week 1 Prize – Shadow Fiend Inscribed Demon Eater Set
Week 2 Prize – LINA Fiery Soul of the Slayer Set

To compete for these amazing prizes all you have to do is:

– LIKE Facebook Page of Team Rave
– LIKE Facebook Page of Kill Ping
– Share this BLOG post
Download Kill FREE Ping
– Play DOTA 2 using Kill Ping and Add as many playing hours as you can
– Await the Christmas Giveaway Draw!

So, all the Philippines loyal “Get behind Team Rave” and give the opposition the fight of their lives at ESL One Manila, be the 6th player and show the world the power of Rave Gaming.

Good Luck Team Rave on the road to ESL One Manila!

Team Rave is enjoying zero lag in Dota 2 with Kill Ping. Are you?!


Team Rave Returns with the Christmas Cheer

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