23 Apr, 2015

Try Kill Ping and Get Rid of MMORPG Game Lag!

Love Playing But Hate Lag? Try Kill Ping and Get Rid of MMORPG Game Lag!

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) has taken the world of gaming by storm. Leading the charts of this genre of gaming are games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, and Planet side 2 to name a few. One of the main problems faced by MMORPG gamers is high ping. Due to the very nature of the game, players connect from different areas of the world to the game as one. Players connect to different servers located in different regions and the physical distance between a player and a server creates lag and high ping – a gamers’ arch nemesis.

High ping is one of the worst issues faced by MMORPG gamers because of the impact it has on the overall performance of players. Kill Ping has come up with the ultimate solution to get rid of lag for good. Kill Ping works on the mechanism of how game servers communicate. It provides a more suitable path for game data to travel hence decreasing lag to a great extent and enhance the overall in-game experience of gamers.

With Kill Ping, players can witness a decline of up to 60% in lag issues while playing online. Kill Ping selects the best possible routes for game data to travel allowing a convenient path that decrease the time it takes for communication between a game server and a player. High ping and lag issues greatly decline through the use of Kill Ping in many MMORPGs.

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Besides the issue of high ping, another problem faced by gamers is game delay. Although many gamers associate game delay with ping/ms, however, it is not solely based on this factor. Game delay can also be caused by packet loss due to communication errors between servers. This creates a lag spike or game delay since the packet that was expected to arrive in say, 200ms, gets lost and then it takes another 200ms for the other packet to arrive. In essence, the packet loss created a delay of 400ms and increased frustration for gamers.

Through its re-routing process, Kill Ping nearly eliminates packet loss with shortened and optimized communication paths. Even if this does happen occasionally, a reduced ping allows a negligible delay for in-game experience.

Experience the difference in MMORPG or any other online multiplayer game and say goodbye to lag issues in online multiplayer games with Kill Ping.

Join Kill Ping and experience online gaming like never before. Download Now!


Try Kill Ping and Get Rid of MMORPG Game Lag!

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