26 Oct, 2015

Kill Ping is back with Free Trial

Kill Ping started its journey earlier this year with one thing in mind. The aim was to provide a lag free gaming environment to online gamers. What initially started as a Beta product quickly became a life saver for many players in different regions. With constant support and trust that users have given so far, Kill Ping became the best ping reduction software that it is today.

Kill Ping in less than a year has been able to assist and satisfy many frustrated online gamers playing different games from around the world, troubled with lag and ping problems. During this short time span, Kill Ping became a favorite for many players of popular games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Quake, Tera Online, World of Tanks, RF Online and a lot more. Having a huge community in such short time truly shows the success of Kill Ping.

Lag Free
This certainly became one of the reasons Kill Ping celebrated its success with its beloved users and offered great discounts to everyone. Now, however, is the time to set new goals in online gaming and expand the lag free gaming fraternity even more.

Kill Ping and its users had a wonderful time celebrating the 100,000+ Kill Ping community. As part of the celebrations, Kill Ping was offered at up to 70% discounts monthly, bi-annual and annual packages. The time has come when Kill Ping will end the celebrations in hopes to achieve the next target of 500,000+ Kill Ping users.

Though it’s sad to say that along with the celebrations, the discounted prices will also end, but don’t you worry as Kill Ping is back again with the trial period. Now, all new users can use Kill Ping with a One Day Trial before they subscribe to Kill Ping. This has also been done as a way to show more and more online gamers the wonders of Kill Ping that they might be missing.

Now you can experience Kill Ping Premium for an entire day absolutely free. Get Kill Ping Premium now on a Free 1 Day Trial and get access to all the awesome services and features of the world’s best lag reducing software with guaranteed 60% ping reduction.

Lag Free
And that’s not it as Kill Ping is now more power packed and buffed up with features and services to provide you an even more awesome lag free experience. You can see some of the new features of Kill Ping below

• More Added Servers
• Enhanced Routing Methods
• Optimized Game – Server Connections
• Enhanced Application Utilization
• Enhanced Ping Reduction
• Major Bug Fixes
• More Added Games
• Much More Fun

If you are not a part of the lag free fraternity yet, then Kill Ping has just given you a bunch of more reasons to do so. What’s best is that you can get each and every Kill Ping premium feature for a day absolutely free. So hurry up and join Kill Ping now.

Lag Free


Kill Ping is back with Free Trial

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  • Yachibi Realight

    Where’s the free trial? I only get the Buy screen, I dont see any free trial anywhere :(

    • sparK

      I am sorry but trial versions of Kill Ping have expired and now you can only use it by subscribing.

      • Nicolas Eveno

        You should have never taken off free trial m8. Programmes like this don’t always work for all people that’s why a 7 day or so trial is convenient so a person can see if it works for him then he can buy it. You see I have lag problems now but I don’t want to bet my money on something I don’t know is going to work, and I can say this because WTFast had a free trial and I never bought simply because sometimes it worked sometimes it made the lag worse.

        • sparK

          Hi there Nicolas,
          I understand your concern but that is why Kill Ping offers a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, in case Kill Ping isn’t able to help you in reducing lag for your online game, you are eligible for a full refund. We believe 15 days are enough to let you know if Kill Ping will be helpful for you are not.