30 Apr, 2015

Kill Ping 32-Bit Release and 64-Bit Version Update


Ever since the launch of Kill Ping, gamers using 32-bit Windows were anxiously waiting for a pill by Kill Ping to solve their lag issues. Well, after countless hours of burning midnight oil, we have released a beta version of our 32-bit app and an update for our 64-bit app.

So, this means that Kill Ping is now accessible for everyone, well except Mac that is, but hopefully they will be able to jump aboard the Kill Ping bandwagon soon. (Fingers Crossed)

These are just some of the comments


We would like to thank you all for being the driving force for the 32 Bit Release.

The beta release of our 32-bit app will allow us to free more gamers from the evil clutches of lag around the world, and this will give us an opportunity to provide the same support and service to them that has become our trademark.

Without further ado, here is the change log for the 64-bit app and how the update will further enhance your online gaming experience.

64 Bit Update Change log:

With the recent update, we believe that the most common problems faced by Kill Ping users in the past will be fixed, hopefully forever. However, updates can be expected in the future as well until the final release of Kill Ping’s app.

As always, Kill Ping is open for feedback and positive suggestions, so please do write to us.



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