04 Feb, 2016

Improve Latency in Online Games

Being linked to gaming, having played online games since a very long time the pain of lag and latency is quite understandable. Almost everyone who has been into online gaming must have faced the problems of high latency at least once in their lifetime.

To worsen the matters, latency in online games varies for every game. For instance a person playing Crossfire may experience a smooth gaming experience, but the same person might have very high latency when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Due to this one might try different approaches to solve his/her problems of latency in online games.

How to improve latency in online games?

Though solving high latency in online games is diverse depending on every game, there are also some steps that one can perform to achieve an overall improvement in online games latency. This guide has been made keeping in mind that readers know the terms such as lag, latency and ping. In case you are new to the technical stuff of online gaming, further elaboration on the terms can be found over here.

Below are some steps recommended for you to take in order to improve latency in online games.

Optimum Ping

First off, it is important to know the optimum ping range that you consider playable for a particular game. For MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Blade and Soul having ping below 150ms is more than good for you. Obviously, lesser the ping, the better; but the game play of the described genre tends to work with negligible lag experience. Furthermore, the human reaction time for any action is also around 150ms so if you are playing at that or lesser values you will feel no delay. However this is not the case for FPS such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive or MOBA games like Dota 2 in which having ping time less than 100ms is greatly preferred.
optimum ping

Improve Latency with DNS configuration

One can greatly improve latency in online games if he can properly configure his DNS settings. There have been many users who use to have pings above 300ms but greatly improved latency in online games by changing their DNS. The recommended DNS servers are as follows
1. Open DNS
2. Google Public DNS

The steps to do that are as follows;
• Go to Control Panel
• Go to Network and Sharing Center
• Click Change Adapter Settings
• Right Click on your active connection and go to properties.
• Select the IP version you would like to implement the DNS settings on.
• Click on Advanced
• Select the DNS tab
• Click Add and then type the desired DNS server IP.

In case you don’t know the DNS you can find it out over here.

Once you are done with that restart your PC so that the all settings get implemented. There is a huge chance you will benefit from changing your DNS and improve latency in online games.

Upload and Download Ratio

In online gaming having good download speed is important but upload speeds also get the same value. Make sure you’re your ISP has allotted you with suitable Upload and Download Speed. If not you should probably think of upgrading it.

Reducing Number of Users on Your Internet Connection

No matter what godly internet connection you have, if there are other users on your network then forget having good latency in online games. Think of it as using a WiFi at your local Coffee shop, no matter how good internet connection they have, even signing into Facebook feels like ages. This is similar to what you can expect when you are playing online games while others are also leeching the bandwidth of your network. Make sure it is only you whom the router will be serving till your gaming session so that the entire bandwidth can be dedicated to your online game.
many users

Using Kill Ping

Kill Ping can greatly improve latency in online games due to the way it works. The connection created by Kill Ping is secure, fast and takes your game data through its own dedicated route. This prevents traffic congestion that is a common problem if you are playing online games during peak times. Furthermore, if you are located far from the game server, the distance game data travels through the normal route is extremely long and troublesome. However, Kill Ping has its dedicated servers placed in key locations around the globe that allows your game data to reach its destination in less hops which eventually improves online games latency. Below is a pictorial representation of how Kill Ping can improve latency in online games through rerouting methods.

Getting a wired connection

WiFi seems very convenient however, for an online gamer it can be quite troublesome in many situations. A stable connection is everything one desire as an online gamer but for those who use a Wifi connection it becomes very difficult. You can notice and major difference in your connection as soon as you switch to the conventional wired ones.

Here is a picture to give you an idea of its impact;
wired connection

Ending Thoughts

We hope the points described above will help you improve latency in online games. All the things mentioned shouldn’t be that difficult to apply in you should be able to benefit through this in no time. Furthermore, the points have been made generic so that online gamers coming from almost any genre can implement the steps for their respected game and feel a difference.

Kill Ping can substantially improve online games latency
Lag Free


Improve Latency in Online Games

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