02 May, 2018

IEM Sydney 2018: Cloud9 Out, FaZe Moves Into Quarter Finals

Group Stage: Final Day

Yesterday, we saw Cloud9 narrowly edging out their Australian opponents ORDER after being on the brink of elimination. Followed by an early exit of SK Gaming, it was really a tough situation for Cloud9 to be in.

And today, a win against FaZe was crucial for their stay at IEM Sydney 2018. FaZe Clan met Cloud9 in the Lower Bracket finals after losing to Renegades in the Upper Bracket matchup. The team survived the Grayhound threat after a narrow 2-1 victory, and going in their match against Cloud9, it was equally important that each player of the team contribute to the team’s performance.

Starting off the game on Mirage, it seemed like FaZe had it all planned out. Cloud9 had an even switch followed by a 7-8 scoreline in the first half. However, switching sides, FaZe had their control on the game, and without much hiatus, the team took the first map with a 16-9 scoreline.

For Cloud9, losing Mirage brought the team to an all-time low as both teams moved on to play Cache, a map chosen by FaZe. And it was pretty prominent with how Cloud9 was not up for the challenge. The team had nothing going their way. No strategy was working for Cloud9 and neither were the team players able to hit the shots. Cloud9’s AWP star Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham’s performance was not up to the mark, as he only managed to get eight kills to his name throughout the map. Cloud9 ended the first half with a 4-11 scoreline. Switching sides, there wasn’t much left to do and with only two round wins to their name, FaZe closed out the game and won the series with an easy 16-6 score.

With this, Cloud9 is out of the tournament while FaZe had secured their quarterfinal place at the event. This is where they will be facing the losers of the match between Fnatic and Astralis. And If FaZe wins there, the team will face Tyloo in the semi-finals of IEM Sydney 2018.

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Group Stage: Day Two

This year’s IEM Sydney has been an event of upsets as we saw some of the big names being dismantled by underdogs quite convincingly. And considering it’s only the group stage, there’s a huge possibility that even more big teams would bite the dust in days to follow.

IEM Sydney’s first upset occurred when Tyloo defeated SK Gaming in the Upper Bracket of Group A. Surprisingly, in the Lower Bracket, they were defeated by Australia’s Grayhound Team after an intense 2-1 matchup. These results forced the big teams to take the underdogs a lot more seriously.

Tyloo then went on to win against Cloud9 in their next matchup and 2-0ed the ELEAGUE Boston Major winners with a 16-10 and 16-14 scoreline. In another match, FaZe lost to Renegades, and it was all but bleak for two of the top teams at IEM Sydney.

In order to move on, Cloud9 had to take on Australia’s ORDER in the Lower Bracket matchup. A loss here would mean an exit from the event and for a team of Cloud9’s caliber it would have been nothing short of humiliation.

Much to their surprise, Cloud9 was already on the back foot followed by a 16-7 loss to the team in the first game of the series. The result forced the team to go all out into game two of the series.

Experience and skills, however, surpassed this time around as Cloud9 was able to clinch a victory for themselves on Train. The team won the second map of the series after a convincing 3-12 switch and an overall 16-4 score.

It all came down to the final map between Cloud9 and ORDER to determine the true winner. And it was anything but smooth for both teams who were winning and losing rounds back and forth. Without a clear advantage, on Inferno, the teams took it to overtime. This, however, is with special mention to a 1v4 by Will “RUSH” Wierzba on ORDER’s match point that allowed cloud9 to take it to a draw. However, one overtime wasn’t enough as even after a two-round advantage for Cloud9, ORDER came back and won two rounds in a row to take it to another overtime.

Finally, Cloud9 got the advantage after a good fake split onto the B-bombsite, and on the back of some good kills from Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham’s AWP, Cloud9 managed to win narrowly, thereby securing a chance to continue at the event.

Huge shoutout, however, goes to ORDER who managed to take on one of the top teams in the world and were almost gave one of the best teams in the world, a true run for their money.

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IEM Sydney 2018: Cloud9 Out, FaZe Moves Into Quarter Finals

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