08 May, 2018

How to Reduce Ping in Online Games

Online Gamers along with their in-game battles also fight another war. This was is the never ending battle with lag in online games.

The reason why lag is a huge concern in online games is due to high ping, rubberbanding and other similar problems. Today we have taken the stride to discuss how to reduce ping in online games to overcome problems of lag. First therefore, it is important to know what basically ping is and how it affects your game play.

What is Ping

Gamers around the world have a thought that having a good internet connection is all that it takes to play lag free online games with reduced ping. This is on the contrary to the actual relationship of high lag and games. And, ping plays an important role in all that. Ping, briefly defined is the response time between to computers. In terms of online gaming, ping shows the response time between client and the game server.

checking ping

Usually measured in milliseconds, ping tells how long a packet takes to travel back and forth from the client and the game server. Having a reduced ping obviously leads to effective response times and smooth gaming experience.
So, whenever a gamer connects to an online game a reduced ping becomes a gamer’s best friend. But for some, high ping becomes their worst enemy.

Check Ping

It is therefore advised that you check your ping prior to connecting to an online game to use if you will be playing on a reduced ping or not. Speedtest being one of the most popular ping checking methods is the best choice. Having pings less than 100ms are absolutely fine for online games. However, pings higher than 150ms are when people start to notice lag in online games. Even the best gaming rig in town won’t help you reduce ping when you don’t have a good internet connection at hand.

For online gamers, it is also important to ping the locations where you are expected to connect i.e. your game server. It is fairly easy to locate the IP address to the game server which can be pinged manually to check the response time prior to connecting.

Types of Connections

Being a gamer, it is also important to know the different types of internet connections as they also play a favorable role in reducing ping. A wired connection is therefore always preferred over wireless internet connections. If you are playing on a USB internet or through a router then you might experience high ping problems. Therefore, switch over to a wired connection is best if you want to reduce ping in your online game.

How To Reduce Ping

There is not a single one-stop solution to reduce ping. Many things are put into concern when it comes to reducing ping. All of them are important and should be noticed.

1. Firstly, when connecting to an online game, make sure that all background applications are closed so that the computer is not multitasking. Having many processes at once increase memory consumption and that effects online gameplay.

2. Furthermore, software that demands bandwidth should be the first priority to close. Anything that leeches bandwidth will tend to do so while in the game and you will have high pings or insane amounts of delay.

3. If you are connected to the internet through a router then make sure that no one else is using the WiFi especially for streaming purpose of mobile video games. A shared bandwidth gets divided between all connected users and you will get anything but a reduced ping. More devices mean more internet consumption and more ping issues.

4. Routers remain switched ON, their registry tends to fill and needs to be refreshed in case of data congestion. Restart your router every day before playing online games to avoid data registry congestion.

5. Having a DDos protection is also becoming a must have with the increasing number of DDos attacks on gamers every now and then. Gamers on Twitch commonly raise concerns of DDos attacks.

If you have taken all the necessary steps required to reduce ping and still are not getting the desired results then it is now time to go a step further.

Reduce Ping Software

Kill Ping has proved to be the most effective method to reduce ping in online gaming. Apart from providing reduction in ping, Kill Ping guarantees a 60% lag reduction with almost no lag spikes. The dedicated routes of Kill Ping also provide internet anonymity and safety keeping you safe from hackers and DDos attacks.

reduce ping software
Kill Ping’s dedicated servers makes sure that your data reached the game server with the shortest route possible. Kill Ping substantially assists to reduce ping in online games, a difference never witnessed before.

reduce ping

If you have tried everything to reduce ping and still have not achieved any results then Kill Ping is here.

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How to Reduce Ping in Online Games

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