01 Aug, 2018

How to Fix High Ping in Online Games

If you are reading this then you are already frustrated with lag in online games. And that is the reason why we have today taken time to guide the gamers who are playing this problem. So if you are one of them then you are at the right place.

Players from all over the world playing online multiplayer games face the common issues of high ping, latencies, and lag. There are, however, many ways gamers can use to reduce ping. Kill Ping has compiled an easy-to-follow guide to reduce ping, latency and game lag.

How to Fix High Ping

In order to solve the high ping issues in online games, it is first important to know the reasons behind their occurrence. There are many reasons due to which one might be facing high ping and he won’t even know about it. This is why it is recommended to working in a step by step manner to identify the problem and solve it the way it is meant to. Below are some steps that gamers can follow to reduce lag while playing any online multiplayer game:

Check the LAN Card (For desktop gamers):

It is quite possible that dust is causing the LAN card in your system to malfunction due to which you are experiencing lag and packet loss. It is important to make sure that your LAN card does not have dust particles since it ensures smooth connectivity for data to travel. Check and perform a latency test to observe the change after you have cleaned the LAN card. If the problem of lag persists, then there might be a problem with your internet connection. An easy solution for this problem is to use a dedicated gaming network like Kill Ping.

Check the LAN Card

Graphic Settings:

Go to the graphic options of your computer and check for options that can help reduce high ping. Regardless of which online multiplayer game you are playing; you should select “maximum performance” so your graphic card can allocate maximum memory to the game. This solution helps people who complain about lag and high ping, but their internet connection is not the problem.

graphic setting

End Background Tasks:

In many cases where a computer has a lot of software running in the background; playing any type of MOBA or MMORPG game will overload the processor and decrease its performance. Since the processor works simultaneously on all tasks, the processor is not able to assign maximum processing power and resources to the game.

To get rid of this issue, simply go to the task manager and end the background processes that are not necessary for your game or system. You will instantly see the overall performance of your computer increase.

If this sounds too technical, then Kill Ping will do it for you. Of the many features offered by Kill Ping, one is that it frees your system resources so you can experience decreased ping times.

End Background Tasks

Check PC Requirements

One of the many reasons why you might be facing high ping in online games could be due to your computer not upto the task of running a game effectively. For this reason, you have to make sure that your PC specs are capable of running the online games that you commonly play. For this, we have come up with specifications that are strongly recommended. This way, you will be sure that the high ping you are facing is not due to your PC.

Processor Core i5 2.8Ghz
Memory 8GB
Graphics Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 390 or above
Storage 20GB
OS Windows 10 64-bit

In-game Graphic Settings:

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps to reduce high ping; go to your in-game graphics settings. Uncheck every anti-aliasing option. We know that these boost your graphics, but they also put excess load on your computer. Also look for other texturing options that can help in reducing lag and overcome your high ping issues.

In-game Graphic Settings
If the above steps fail to produce significant results, then it’s time to upgrade to something professional like Kill Ping.

Use Kill Ping to Solve High Ping

If you have been good enough to follow all the things mentioned above then hopefully you will be able to solve your high ping. However, if all the above didn’t bring any good to the results then most likely it is due to the network issues that are not in your power.

This is when Kill Ping comes into play and will help you in taking out your high ping and lag problems. As a gaming VPN Kill Ping provides a much-enhanced gaming network to online gamers keeping them away from network congestion and other related problems.

Here is a pictorial representation to show you the wonders of Kill Ping:

How to Fix High Ping

Kill Ping has been specifically developed to decrease high ping in MMORPG and MOBA games. Our users have reported up to 60% decrease in ping and lag issues.

Give Kill Ping a try and we bet that you will feel drastic changes while playing online multiplayer game!

Fix High Ping


How to Fix High Ping in Online Games

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